How To Find Out Your Partners Ring Size - Without Them Knowing!

How To Find Out Your Partners Ring Size - Without Them Knowing!

You've managed to find the perfect ring...the relief is overwhelming...but then you realise you don't know her ring size. Another hurdle to cross right? Trying to come up with a way of finding their ring size can be tricky, especially when you're trying to do it inconspicuously, but there's no need to panic; we've got you covered!

Recruit a friend of theirs!

This can be one of the most effective ways of finding out their ring size without arousing suspicion. Ask one of her friends to go out shopping with them and to go look at engagement rings for fun. This could lead to the friend finding out 1. her ring size and 2. the style of ring she loves/hates! It's a win-win and as long as the friend asks the right questions you should have all the information you need.

Get drawing!

If they happen to wear rings quite a lot then you could take one of their rings to a jewellery shop for them to measure. If you'd rather leave their ring at home then simply grab the ring, get a piece of paper and drawer around the inside of the ring and then the outside of the ring. This way you keep the ring safely at home whilst you go to the jewellers with the paper and get them to measure it.

Compare their finger to yours

Does one of your fingers look about the right size to their ring finger? For a lot of men, they tend to find that their pinky finger is fairly close in size to their partners ring finger. Next time the opportunity arises try and suss out whether their finger looks about the same size as yours. You could also try on one of their rings and see where it fits you/comes to on your hand.

Do it whilst they're sleeping

If you're really brave, try and do it whilst they are asleep! You can order a free ring sizer (mainland UK only) from us and then measure their finger whilst they're sending out the z's. If you don't want to wait for the ring sizer to arrive, you could use a piece of string instead, however, we would advise using an actual ring sizer!

Use a relative

Finally, do they have a sister who is around the same size/build as them or their mother? Take them to a jewellery shop and get their ring size measured. This is a pretty good way of finding out the ring size, especially if their hands are really similar, and better still, they won't get suspicious as they won't know!

For more information on ring sizing, visit Our Guide To The Right Ring Size .

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