Engagement Ring Engraving Ideas

Engagement Ring Engraving Ideas

Since we began offering an engraving service for our rings, we’ve seen some lovely messages, thoughts and notes being carved into our jewellery. Sometime's it can be hard to think of what message to choose, so we’d love to share some inspiration based around the engraving we've seen inside rings. Remember, the message inside your engagement or wedding rings is just for the two of you – no-one else even needs to know it’s there, so you can be as romantic or as personal as you like!

Our Ethica rings come with the option to engrave a short message. The cost is £85 and we recommend no more than 15 characters for engraving on standard sized rings, in a script or block style according to your taste.

Examples of script and block engraving, both saying I Love You.

So, here are some thoughts...

Dates and Names

Many people choose some combination of names and dates for their engraved message. Both of your names, your initials, your new married surname, the date you met, the date you started your relationship, the date of the wedding or proposal – these are unique and special to you and will be part of the memory of the two of you as a couple, forever. Do you have a pet name or nickname? Or go simple, with your initials and a plus sign in between. We can do heart engravings as well – have a chat with us and see what other symbols we can engrave.

Close up photograph of a gold engagement ring with initial and the date engraved in script font on the inside of the band.
Little Messages 

‘I love you’, ‘Always and forever’, ‘I do’, ‘To have and to hold’, are all special words that many people choose. Do the two of you have a unique way of saying ‘I love you’ that’s a cute thing between you? Or a phrase that you always say to signify what you mean to each other?

Close up image of gold ring with 'Home is where i'm with you' engraved in script font on the inside of the band.

How about ‘Adventures await us’, or ‘To infinity and beyond’, to signify the excitement of the adventure as you move into the next stage of your lives together.

Remember, the message inside your engagement or wedding rings is just for the two of you – no-one else even needs to know it’s there, so you can be as romantic or as personal as you like!

Somewhere Important

Many couples have a place that is important to them. For example, the place they met, somewhere they go on holiday whenever they get a chance, or maybe the location of wedding.

Maybe you could engrave that place inside the ring(s), or, go cryptic and put the grid reference or latitude and longitude to that place.

Words Someone Else Has Written

Some of us have skills other than using words, and often find that someone else can express our thoughts better than we can. Do you have a song, poem, or line from a book or film that expresses how you feel about your partner? Provided it’s short, we can put that on the inside of a ring for you.

Photograph of plain gold wedding band with 'Always My Forever' engraved on the inside.

‘All you need is love’, ‘As you wish’, ‘The wind beneath my wings’, ‘The one that I want’ are some lovely examples.

There are lyrics from thousands of songs (what’s ‘your song’ together?), or a line from the movie you went to see on your first date, or that almost tells your story – how creative can you be?

Another facet of this, using words someone else has written, could include references to scripture. The Bible has a lot of verses about love, and if you have a faith, it’s a very meaningful inclusion in an engagement or wedding ring. You may have your own favourite verses, or want to use verses that will be spoken at your wedding, but if not, these might be a place to start:

Ruth 1:16-17: “But Ruth said, ‘Do not urge me to leave you or to return from following you. For where you go I will go, and where you lodge I will lodge. Your people shall be my people, and your God my God. Where you die I will die, and there will I be buried. May the Lord do so to me and more also if anything but death parts me from you.’”
1 Corinthians 13:13: “Three things will last forever — faith, hope and love — and the greatest of these is love.”
Matthew 19:-6: “So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.”
Just be mindful of the number of characters! We can't engrave anything about 50 characters (£80).

Doubling Up

How about choosing two messages that only make sense together?

Ring 1 – ‘to have’, Ring 2 – ‘to hold’, from the wedding vows

Ring 1 – ‘I love you’, Ring 2 – ‘I know’, for the Star Wars fans

Ring 1 – ‘little spoon’, Ring 2 – ‘big spoon’

Ring 1 – ‘I don’t know much’, Ring 2 – ‘But I know I love you’

We personally think this is a really lovely idea!

Languages Other Than English

Of course, if one or both of you speak a language other than English, then you have a whole raft of other ideas right there to put into your engraving. For those who want something a little exotic, but don’t have the fluency to come up with it yourselves, how about these:

Amor vincit omnia – Latin – Love conquers all

Je T'Adore – French – I Love You

Ti Amo – Italian – I Love You

In perpetuum amorem – Latin – forever love

We always love to hear from our customers, so if you need any help with choosing a message to engrave, then let us know, and we’ll brainstorm with you.

We would also love to feature images of your lovely messages in a future blog post, or on our Instagram, so do let us know if you’d be happy for us to share.

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