Four Gorgeous Autumn Proposal Ideas

Four Gorgeous Autumn Proposal Ideas

Autumn is a season that often gets overlooked as being romantic, with lots of people either thinking of a sunny summer proposal on the beach or a cosy Christmas engagement. However, there is so much about autumn that makes it a beautiful time to pop the question! The chill in the air that makes you want to snuggle up, the rich auburn colours of the leaves turning in the tree's and the comfort of soft jumpers and evenings by the fire. We've come up with four beautiful ideas if your thinking of proposing over the wonderful months of September, October and November.


The silhouette of a couple embracing agains a striking orange sunset.

There's something about a September sunset, they are just the most beautiful at this time of year. A September evening beach walk would be the most epic proposal, especially on a clear evening where the colours of the sky can really be appreciated. Let nature set the scene while you pop the ultimate question. If you don't have any beaches around you then countryside walks also make for a great sunset spot. You just need somewhere with a clear view of the sky, maybe somewhere that is special to the two of you as a couple would be extra romantic and personal. To take things up a notch, you could bring a picnic or a cute set up. A bottle of wine or bubbly never fails to add a bit of luxury to the occasion and some blankets and jumpers means you could stay and watch the stars as you celebrate (hopefully!) your engagement. It might also be worth hiring a photographer to capture the moment, especially as the sky should hopefully be so mesmorising! Then you'll have professional photo's of the moment to treasure forever.

Illustration of the silhouette of a man down on one knee proposing to his girlfriend, against a sunset background.



Image of a pumpkin patch against a dark forest background.

Autumn is the season of one holiday in particular, halloween. Although halloween might not be your first thought when thinking of a proposal, it's a bit quirky, different and it's so much less predictable than a Christmas or birthday! If your partner loves the spooky season then it could be such a fun time to ask them to marry you. Pumpkins are symbolic with halloween, and they can also make for a great proposal prop. First of all, there's the idea of proposing in a pumpkin patch. If you've never been to a pumpkin patch before, there is nowhere else that quite encapsulates the joy and feeling of autumn. Just imagine a scene littered with an array of gorgeous pumpkins, squashes and rich autumnal tones. Look up pumpkin patches in your local area and you'll probably be surprised with how many are around! You may have to book a slot before you arrive, it's always worth double checking before you turn up. Utilise all the pumpkin patch has to offer by taking your love for a walk in search of the perfect pumpkin, whilst you search for the perfect spot to pop the question. Alternatively, you could use the pumpkins you pick up at the patch to create your own intimate proposal. Why not hide the ring in a readily carved pumpkin? or go all out and carve out the words 'will you marry me?' so they are lit up by candlelight. You could make the setting of your romantic evening as personal as you want, using photos, blankets, food, drink, fairy lights and whatever else you like to make it extra special and memorable.

Illustration of four pumpkins with the words 'will you marry me?' carved in them.


Image of a hand holding two lit sparklers up against a night background.

A cold crisp November evening cosying up by the fire watching the sky light up with dazzling fireworks is potentially one of the most romantic settings for a proposal. Light the sparks of romance next to the bonfire by getting down on one knee, maybe with some sparklers or toasted marshmallows! Public fireworks displays and bonfire events are magical, the excitement in the air as everyone gathers around the bonfire and fireworks to start. This could be an electrifying atmosphere to pop the question. Equally, a romantic fire pit at home with a few sparklers could be beautiful and intimate and would allow you lots of freedom and creativity with the set up. The main things to consider will be choosing your fireworks venue, you'll need to decide whether your partner would prefer a proposal in the excitement and busy atmosphere of a bonfire night event or a cosy lit up night at home with just the two of you. Once decided you then need to pick a ring that's going to match the sparklers in the sky, and we can help you with that!

Illustration of a bonfire against the night sky with 'Marry Me?' written in white with two sparklers either side. Dark purple night background and stars/sparkles are dotted around.


An image of a woodland path, surrounded by tree's either side with rich auburn leaves both on the tree's and ground.

Simple but stunning, why not take your love for a romantic walk through the woodlands. Tree's are undeniably the most beautiful colours in autumn, so what could be more special than proposing surrounded by the auburn leaves as they fall. This proposal could be as spontaneous as you like it, you could wait until a particularly sunny autumn day to whisk your partner out for a walk and wait until you discover a spot that seems right. Alternatively, you could plan ahead and pick the date (keep an eye on the weather forecast!) and perhaps visit the location ahead of time so you can find the best spot to ask the big question. You could even set up fairy lights and blankets for a romantic picnic, or get some friends on hand to set up candles and decorations as you lead up to the spot! Again, this would be a great proposal to have professional photographs of, so it might be worth hiring a photographer for the occasion!

Illustration of man down on one knee proposing to his girlfriend. Autumn tree's are either side with leaves falling down around them.


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