Introducing In-House 3D Prints

Introducing In-House 3D Prints

Introducing our latest service, designed to take the guesswork out of choosing an engagement ring!

Let's face it, it's pretty tricky choosing some of the main factors which determine the wearability, design and functionality of your ring when you haven't seen it.

Features such as stone size, ring size and design are available in many different options, but not all of them will be relevant to you. The problem is, how do you know until you try it?! It's a problem we have seen many of our customers navigate over the years. We offer a silver sample service which addresses the design element of this problem, but we aren't able to provide silver samples in different carat weights or finger sizes.

That's why we have invested in our very own 3D printer, so that we can create models of a ring before you order it, to your finger size and desired stone size. 

Resin Ring cast in box 

This allows you to try it on and decide whether the height of the ring, the stones sizes and overall design are perfect for you and your lifestyle before you order it.

So, if you've ever wondered "what will this ring look like with a 4.0ct diamond on my finger?!", now you can find out!

For bespoke customers, this service is free and included as part of your bespoke journey.

This particular ring, see below, was first sketched on paper, and the customer was unsure whether the "life size" of the ring was what they envisioned. They wanted to check the stone sizes were suitable for their partner, and the height was low enough to be suitable for their active lifestyle, so that it didn't catch on everything or get in the way. The wax really helped them confirm in their mind what the design would look like when cast in metal and evaluate the proportions of the band with the stones, as well as the height of the setting.     

CAD/CAM file of Ring

Resin Ring cast in box

After seeing the wax, the customer then felt happy to proceed with he design and had it made in platinum & set with lab grown diamonds (photographed below.)     


For customer's wishing to view existing designs in particular stone sizes, only certain designs are available for this service. Please get in touch with us directly and we can confirm for which styles this service is available. A charge of £40 per model is applicable, but this is refunded for individual orders over £2,500.

Please get in touch for more information.

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