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Collection: Vintage Inspired Moissanite Engagement Ring Collection

Our vintage, antique art deco moissanite engagement rings are set with our signature Ethica Diamond® the highest VVS1 D-E graded moissanite gemstones. This collection is inspired by the delicate, romantic designs of the past and uphold the Ethica ethos of sustainability.


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Vintage & Antique Style Moissanite Engagement Rings

Our timeless collection of vintage & antique moissanite engagement rings is inspired by delicate and romantic designs reminiscent of the past.
Featuring intricate details and filigree designs, these antique engagement rings are ideal for those seeking a ring that conjures nostalgic visions of times gone by while still offering contemporary craftsmanship. Select one that speaks to you and feel free to modify it to your specifications. You can also use these styles as inspiration when you decide to design your own ring with us.

Our vintage & antique style engagement rings draw inspiration from art deco cuts and natural shapes that are chic and exquisite. Perfect for those with a timeless, classic style, these pieces are the embodiment of an old soul, romantic and reminiscent. 

This ring collection is made with our signature gemstone, the Ethica Diamond®, which is an ethical premium grade moissanite and embodies not only a stunning design, but also a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. We believe that jewellery should not only be beautiful, but also contribute to a better world.

The Ethica Diamond is produced using an exclusive patented technology and made from premium grade moissanite with a lab diamond infusion. They are cut and fully faceted to exact diamond proportions and posess incredible depth and realism, radiating sparkle and brilliance comparable to the most expensive diamonds that will last forever. These beautiful designs are set with moissanite and E-F colour, VS1 clarity lab diamond accents and halos which radiate extra sparkle and ultimately joy, hence their popularity!

We stock Ethica Diamonds at consistent E colour, VVS1 clarity and excellent cut so all Ethica Diamonds have these specifications. 

Fallen in love with a modern engagement ring but want to up-cycle a stone you already own? We can create your own bespoke piece of jewellery that your future fiancé will treasure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What characteristics feature in the ‘vintage style’ engagement rings?

From florals to intricate beading, there are many different characteristics that define vintage style engagement rings. Throughout time, history has influenced the evolution of these antique inspired designs. Nevertheless, the styles remain timeless with graceful lines, bold shapes and ornamental details. There’s something very classic about a vintage style engagement ring and choosing a vintage piece is a sweet way to honour the traditions and romance of the past while planning your future.While modern rings will always be popular (who doesn’t love a classic Tiffany solitaire or an eco friendly lab created diamond?) more couples are now choosing vintage inspired when it comes to their engagement and wedding jewellery.

There are a plethora of options for vintage engagement rings to suit any style; even big, bold cocktail rings with semi-precious gems can be a fun and unique jewellery choice.

Often found in Edwardian rings, filigree designs are delicate and ornate. Formed by twisting metal into lace-like shapes, filigree commonly resembles ribbons, flowers and leaves.


Milgrain, also known as beading, is a decorative feature of many vintage-inspired rings. These small borders of beads are typically set around edges creating an elegant look.


Naturesque Patterns 
It was during the Georgian Era (1714 – 1830) that intricate depictions of nature came to fashion through metal work. Common patterns illustrated flowers, leaves and butterflies.


Who are vintage inspired rings perfect for?

Vintage inspired engagement rings are a great option if you love that old-world charm, but are looking to reset a family heirloom into something new. Or, perhaps you are simply after a new ring with more modern stones and a historic feel.

A vintage inspired engagement ring is perfect for millennial brides who are looking for a long-lasting traditional option which often brings about memories of the jewellery someone’s mother or grandmother had and still have.

Why choose a new vintage style engagement ring?

New engagement rings are less fragile
The delicate features that give many vintage engagement rings their uniqueness may also make them more prone to damage. New engagement rings are generally much more robust than vintage rings, although, over time, they too will display signs of wear. Whether you are buying new or vintage, make sure that your engagement ring is checked regularly by our experts - every six months at least (put a repeat reminder in your diary - we can also give your ring a steam clean at the same time).
Most rings, old or new, are fragile to some degree, and some styles are more so than others. For example, the prongs/claws that hold your diamond or gemstone in place are particularly vulnerable to everyday wear and tear.

Our vintage style engagement rings come with a lifetime manufacturing warranty
We provide a lifetime warranty on our engagement rings that guarantees against flaws in the craftsmanship. Whilst it is just not possible to do this with vintage rings.
With the purchase of any new or vintage ring, it is advisable to check that it is covered under your home insurance. If it's not, investing in a separate insurance policy will cover any accidental damage or loss.

How have engagement rings changed over time?

Georgian Engagement Rings
Years: 1714-1837

The Georgian era took place during the reigns of the four King Georges of England and its jewellery is considered to be the most feminine. This was, after all, the time of Marie Antoinette and Jane Austen.

A bride with a sense of romance would be drawn to a Georgian engagement ring. Natural, floral, and ancient Greco-Roman motifs were popular during this era, while settings were mostly made out of gold or silver. Foil was often placed underneath the stones to reflect candlelight; this was a time before electricity—but jewellery makers were no less obsessed with light and how it passes through a stone and as a result, these pieces were particularly delicate.

Victorian Engagement Rings
Years: 1837-1901

Defined by the reign of Queen Victoria, engagement rings from this era are typically ornate and have engraved gold settings with scroll designs. They are very much the opposite of the more modern, classic, single-stone diamond rings of the last eighty years. Victorian rings often feature cluster settings and larger coloured stones surrounded by smaller diamonds on each side.

Edwardian Engagement Rings
Years: 1901-1920

The Edwardian period began when Queen Victoria’s son, Edward VII, took the throne at the beginning of the 20th century—around the same time that platinum became the metal of choice for fine jewellery. Because platinum is much harder than gold, jewellers were able to intricately engrave the bands and settings–giving the engagement rings of this period a lacy, detailed, and dainty look.

Art Deco Engagement Rings
Years: 1920-1938

An Art Deco engagement ring for example would be ideal for someone who is attracted to symmetry, straight lines, and fine detailing often found in architecture. The end of World War I ushered in the beginning of the Roaring ’20s, and the beginning of the Art Deco period. Platinum remained the most popular metal to use in engagement rings, but the introduction of the emerald cut and diamond baguettes ushered in a new geometric look that was much more minimalist and linear than previous eras.

Retro Engagement Rings
Years: 1935-1948

The Retro era featured a bold and oversized look. Strong, independent women are oftentimes associated with Retro jewellery. Think: Katherine Hepburn or Lauren Bacall.

During this time, new cuts of diamonds, including the pear shape and marquise-cut, were introduced and remained popular after World War II and through the ’70s.

Mid-Century Engagement Rings
Years: 1945-1969

Mid-Century emerged post-World War II and is defined by modernism, sleek shapes, and a fashion-forward bend. Clean lines and pops of colour were on the rise during this era with a futuristic twist in shape and functionality. Scandinavian influences were also a big part of this era and the pieces tend to be larger and more impactful.

What makes moissanite vintage-inspired engagement rings unique?

The details of vintage style jewellery are beautiful and delicate and bring a lot of character to the piece and as fashion styles always come back in a new, modern way, vintage-style engagement rings have made a big comeback with a fresh, modern look.

We can semi customise any of our features designs to make them even more unique to you, including coloured gemstones or adjustments to the band width or claw style.

Can you design a bespoke vintage-inspired engagement ring for me?

Our Bespoke Design Service allows you to create a truly unique vintage inspired engagement, wedding or celebration ring. We will spend one-to-one time with you to help you design a piece of ethical jewellery that is symbolic and meaningful to you and your loved one. Taking your ideas and inspiration and turning it into your dream forever ring.

Please see our Bespoke Service for details.

Which styles of vintage engagement rings are popular right now?

Halo or Cluster Rings 
Halo or cluster rings are a romantic and feminine floral-esque style, with a delicate profile that still packs in the glitter. These rings usually have a primary moissanite in the centre and are surrounded by smaller stones.
The modern take on the classic halo cluster rings are inspired by the Edwardian period from the early 20th century. Queen Alexandra had a love for flowers, which led to a rise in these flower-like styles. The unique shape of a cluster ring means you can mix and match band styles to create a wedding stack that’s truly 100 percent you.

This setting has definitely stood the test of time and has been a very popular vintage style. Most popular has been round diamonds, pave set around the centre stone. However, Art Deco-style halo engagement rings, using tapered baguettes or other small fancy shapes prong set around the centre stone, have also been a new trend.

Cluster Engagement Rings

Three Stone Rings 
We have the royals to thank for the resurgence of the three-stone ring, a gorgeous (and super glam) style. This trend has been extraordinarily sought after ever since Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle with a three-stone engagement ring.

Traditionally, each of these stones are meant to tell the story of the past, present, and future regarding the engaged couple, with the present as the primary centre stone. In general, all three stones are the same size or the centre stone is slightly larger. Three-stone rings are perfect for those with classic taste who want something simple but no less impactful.

Three-Stone Engagement Rings

Milgrain/ Art Deco Rings 
Intricately detailed milgrain rings are a go-to choice for vintage and history buffs. This technique translates from French to ‘a thousand grains,’ representing the tiny metal beads that are often arranged into an intricate shape or pattern. Milgrain styles date back centuries, despite not getting its name until the Roaring ‘20s, and its popularity today stems from its ability to add an antique feel to fine jewellery of any age.

Rose Cut Rings 
Just as the rose is a classic floral choice for a bridal bouquet, the rose-cut diamond is a majorly romantic choice for your engagement stone. A rose cut diamond is a type of antique diamond that has a flat bottom instead of a culet, and a domed top that contains 24 facets, including several triangular facets arranged in a rose-like pattern. These vintage style diamonds, which have been around for hundreds of years, have made a comeback with their unique style and affordability. This cut makes a great alternative stone for an engagement ring.
We can fit any of our vintage style engagement ring styles with a rose cut lab grown diamond and we also have this cut available in our signature gemstone, the Ethica Diamond.
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Yellow Gold 
After years of platinum, white gold, and rose gold, yellow gold is back in a big way. Meghan Markle’s three-stone engagement ring was the most notable turning point in pop culture’s perception shift to viewing the metal as more of a timeless piece. In the jewellery space, we are seeing a lot more millennial brides turn toward more long-lasting traditional options such as yellow gold, as it shifts toward more sentimentality, bringing about memories of the jewellery someone’s mother and grandmother and great grandmother had and still have.

Whether you’re going for a yellow gold band with a coloured stone or mixing yellow gold with other metals, it’s a style choice that will always look good, regardless of the year. It took time for people to get used to the colour when mostly white gold was worn for a while, but people have grown to also love this colour for engagement rings.

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