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Choose a three stone or trilogy ring to represent the past present and future of your everlasting journey. The unsurpassed brilliance of the Ethica Diamond® will be sure to captivate, each gem is premium grade VVS1 D-E moissanite.


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Three Stone Moissanite Engagement Rings

Moissanite trilogy engagement rings encapsulate the timeless charm of three brilliant gemstones harmoniously set to represent the journey of love - past, present, and future. The unique symbolism of the trilogy design adds a profound layer of sentimentality to the engagement ring, serving as a visual reminder of the shared history and the commitment to a future together.

Moissanite offers exceptional fire and brilliance to the trilogy setting, creating a mesmerising sparkle that can rival traditional diamonds.

This choice not only imparts elegance to the ring but also aligns with ethical considerations, as moissanite is a lab-created gemstone, it is a responsible and environmentally conscious option.
The arrangement of the three stones allows for creative expression and this flexibility ensures that each moissanite trilogy engagement ring is a unique manifestation of the couple's style and preferences, making the symbolism even more personal.

The allure of moissanite trilogy engagement rings is not limited to their visual appeal; it extends to their durability and longevity.

Moissanite is almost as hard as diamond, so it can withstand the rigours of daily wear. This combination of aesthetic beauty, ethical considerations, and enduring quality makes moissanite trilogy engagement rings an enchanting and meaningful choice.

In addition to their aesthetic and symbolic significance, moissanite trilogy engagement rings often offer a budget-friendly alternative without compromising on beauty, making these rings an attractive option.
The brilliance, symbolism, versatility, and value of moissanite trilogy engagement rings converge to create a truly enchanting and meaningful piece of jewellery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of a trilogy ring?

The history of trilogy rings is rich and steeped in symbolism. The concept of the trilogy ring, also known as a three-stone ring, dates back centuries, with roots in both ancient cultures and more recent jewellery traditions. In ancient times, rings with three stones were often symbolic of various trinities, representing concepts like past, present, and future or the interconnectedness of life, love, and eternity.

In the Victorian era (19th century), trilogy rings gained popularity as sentimental jewellery. The three stones were often chosen to represent the romantic idea of "I love you," with each stone symbolising a different phase of a relationship. These rings were sometimes referred to as "trinity rings" or "trilogy rings" during this period.

Today, trilogy rings continue to be a timeless and meaningful choice for engagements and other significant milestones. While the concept and symbolism have evolved over the years, the enduring appeal of trilogy rings lies in their ability to capture the essence of a couple's journey and commitment through a beautifully designed trio of gemstones.

Does a moissanite trilogy ring make a good engagement ring?

A trilogy moissanite ring can be an excellent choice for an engagement ring. The design not only adds a layer of sentimental meaning but also offers a visually striking and balanced aesthetic.

Our trilogy rings are available with various gemstones, providing flexibility in terms of both aesthetics and budget. Our Ethica moissanite stones provide the brilliance and beauty of diamonds but with superior ethical credentials and a lower price point.

Are there any disadvantages of a moissanite trilogy ring?

While trilogy rings are a popular and meaningful choice for engagement rings, there are a few considerations or drawbacks that some individuals might take into account:

Depending on the choice of gemstones, especially if you are choosing diamonds, trilogy rings can be relatively expensive. The cost may increase with larger or higher-quality stones. Couples who are watching their budget might find trilogy rings to be more costly compared to simpler ring designs.

With multiple stones, there might be more prongs and settings to maintain. Regular check-ups are advisable to ensure that all stones are secure, especially if the ring is worn daily. Ethica offer a not for profit maintenance service which will help you keep your jewellery in excellent condition.

Style Evolution
While the symbolism of past, present, and future is timeless, personal tastes in jewellery styles do evolve. Although the style has been around a long while some people may worry that the three-stone engagement ring might come and go with evolving fashion and trends.

Can I design a bespoke moissanite trilogy ring?

Yes, most certainly. One of our specialties at Ethica is helping you to design your own distinctive bespoke jewellery. Whether you aspire to craft a unique piece from the ground up or infuse your personal touch into an existing design, our friendly and knowledgeable team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life. 

Schedule an appointment with our concierge team who will guide you through the process, discussing your preferences on stones, the size and shape and colour of your moissanite stones, as well as the metal colour and band style. Collaboratively, we will develop some CAD imagery or sketches of your envisioned engagement ring and matching wedding band, making adjustments until you are completely satisfied with the design. 

Your bespoke trilogy ring will then be crafted by our talented workshop, polished to perfection, and elegantly presented in a beautiful box, ready for your perfect proposal.

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