Choosing An Engagement Ring To Suit Your Hand

Choosing An Engagement Ring To Suit Your Hand

Selecting the perfect diamond engagement ring involves more than just choosing a beautiful piece of jewelry; it's about understanding the unique qualities of the person who will wear it. In this brief guide, we aim to assist you in selecting a ring that will perfectly compliment its wearers hand. While our discussion assumes a focus on diamond engagement rings for women, the general principles apply to different ring types and those designed for men.

It's important to note that there are no strict rules for choosing a ring based on hand shape. Instead, consider the following suggestions as gentle guidance on how to find a style that enhances and celebrates the beauty of your hands. Regardless of the specific recommendations, remember that any engagement ring can radiate beauty when worn with confidence!

Longer Fingers, Slender Hands

If your fingers are long and slender, numerous ring shapes will complement your hand beautifully. Opt for styles like Fleur, with a design that elongates your fingers and emphasising their natural grace. 

The Fleur Ring, 1.50ct

A trilogy ring with evenly sized stones may not be the ideal choice, as it can detract from the length of your fingers. If you prefer multi-stone rings, consider designs like Cinta, featuring a larger central stone for balance.

Cinta oval trilogy ring worn on models hand with models white flowery dress in background..


  • Stone Cut: Opt for elongated cuts such as oval, marquise, or emerald to gracefully accentuate the length of the fingers, creating a visually appealing effect.
  • Carat Size: Strive for balance by incorporating a larger central stone, as seen in designs like Cordelia, ensuring a harmonious and refined look.

Shorter Fingers, Smaller Hands

Emphasize the petite beauty of shorter fingers with delicate designs that highlight simplicity and elegance. We’d recommend avoiding large rings - cluster or halo rings will look out of proportion with your hand. The simplicity of a solitaire on a delicate band, exemplified by rings like Poppy or Bianca, would be the perfect match.

Slim band solitaire pear cut ring is worn on models hand, model is wearing black jumper with black feather sleeves.

If you desire a more elaborate design, choose a longer stone shape like Lenore for added finger length.

Lenore oval halo ring worn on models hand, her hand is resting on her arm and she's wearing a cream flowery blouse.


  • Stone Cut: Opt for oval, marquise or pear cuts to elongate the finger.
  • Carat Size: Aim for smaller carat sizes to maintain proportionality with the hand size.

Winder Fingers, Larger Hands 

Having wider fingers and larger hands opens up a world of glamorous ring options. Embrace generously-sized diamonds, halo settings, and statement pieces without worrying about proportionality. The Mia halo ring, designed for larger hands, strikes the perfect balance.

Round halo shoulder set engagement ring worn on models hand.

For a striking effect, consider rings like Prina, which stand out boldly on your finger and make a captivating statement.

Statement accented large oval cut ring worn on models hand.

  • Stone Cut: Embrace a variety of cuts, including cushion, emerald or round to suit wider fingers.
  • Carat Size: Larger carat sizes can be worn with confidence on larger hands, creating a striking and glamorous effect.

We hope this has been helpful, but please do get in touch if you require any more help. Alternatively, why not check out our bestsellers for inspiration; you can’t go wrong with our most cherished designs.. there’s a reason why they are loved so much!

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