Best Celebrity Engagement Rings 2024

Best Celebrity Engagement Rings 2024

Bling It On: The Most Buzzed-About Celebrity Engagement Rings of 2024 (So Far!)

Love is in the air, and 2024 has been a banner year for celebrity engagements! From classic elegance to trendsetting designs, these dazzling rings have captured the public's imagination. Let's take a look at the sparklers that have everyone talking:

1. Millie Bobby Brown's Rainbow Halo

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown actually isn't confirmed to be engaged as of today, June 7, 2024. However, there were rumours about a potential engagement ring in April 2023.
Here's what we know about that ring:
Experts speculated it was a classic and timeless design with a large centre stone. Descriptions suggest it could be either a round cut or a cushion cut diamond. Estimates place it around 3 to 3.5 carats, making for a very impressive and sparkly centre piece. The band itself was described as delicate and possibly featuring pavé diamonds, where tiny diamonds are set close together for a continuous sparkle and set in platinum.

Millie Bobby Brown actually has two rings! The first ring is the one her fiance Jake Bongiovi originally proposed with underwater. This ring belonged to Millie's mother and is not the one she wears regularly. The engagement ring she typically wears is a dazzling cushion-cut diamond set in a cushion-shaped halo on a pavé band. Experts estimate the centre stone to be somewhere between 2 and 4 carats. While the exact designer is unknown, the style is similar to rings created by designers like Tiffany & Co. and Neil Lane.

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2. Zooey Deschanel's Fairytale Floral

Quirky actress Zooey Deschanel brought her signature whimsical style to her engagement ring. This three-stone ring features diamonds arranged in a delicate floral design, set in a romantic white gold band. The floral motif is a charming and unique touch that reflects Deschanel's personality.

Zooey Deschanel's engagement ring is a unique and eye-catching piece, designed by Parisian jeweller Le Folie des Pres, the ring features three floral motifs, each adorned with a cluster of diamonds and sapphires. The centre flower is the largest, with petals formed by marquise-cut diamonds and a centre cluster of round pink sapphires. The two flanking flowers are slightly smaller and use round diamonds for the petals and round purple sapphires for the centres. The ring is made from 18-karat white gold and boasts a total of 1.31 carats of diamonds and 2.72 carats of sapphires. It's a truly stunning piece that has captivated fans and jewellery enthusiasts alike.

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3. Vanessa Hudgens' Classic Oval Engagement Ring 

Vanessa Hudgens went for timeless elegance with her oval-cut diamond engagement ring. The sparkling stone is set on a simple, thin yellow gold band, allowing the diamond to take centre stage. This classic design is sure to never go out of style.

Experts estimate Vanessa Hudgens' engagement ring center stone to be around 3.5 carats, with a slightly elongated cut for a flattering look on her hand. The ring also has a unique detail – a hidden pavé diamond halo underneath the centre stone. This adds a touch of extra sparkle without being too ostentatious. While the exact designer is unknown, jeweller Chase Gregory has said he collaborated with Cole Tucker on creating the ring [who wore what jewels]. This suggests the ring may be a custom design.

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4. Ashley Benson's Modern Minimalist

Ashley Benson's engagement ring is a masterclass in modern minimalism. She opted for another oval-cut diamond, but this time set on a sleek, rounded yellow gold band. The clean lines and uncluttered design create a sophisticated and contemporary look.

This showstopper features a massive oval-cut diamond estimated to be around 10 to 12 carats, this classic solitaire design lets the dazzling stone take centre stage. Experts say the ring could be worth anywhere from $600,000 to $1 million depending on the diamond's quality. Some reports suggest it might even be bigger, at 12 carats and worth over a million!

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5. Megan Fox's Return of the Vintage

Megan Fox's engagement ring is a conversation starter, for sure! It's a Toi et Moi design, meaning "You and Me" in French. This romantic style features two gemstones representing the couple.

The ring boasts two pear-shaped gems - a dazzling colourless diamond (Machine Gun Kelly's birthstone) and a vibrant green emerald (Megan Fox's birthstone). Estimates suggest each stone is a luxurious 3 carats.

This dazzling stone is likely colourless, also known as a D-colour diamond, which is the highest grade for colour. The pear cut is known for its elongated teardrop shape, which combines the brilliance of a round cut with a pointed elegance. 

The stones are nestled in sleek 18-karat white gold. The band likely features pavé diamonds along the shoulders for extra sparkle, and possibly a hidden halo around the centre stones to further amplify their brilliance. 

The most intriguing detail is the band itself. It's actually two separate bands held together by magnets! This allows the stones to visually create a heart shape when the bands come together. Some reports even claim the ring is designed to cause slight discomfort if removed, reflecting the couple's intense connection. Overall, it's a highly personal and symbolic piece that reflects Megan Fox's style and her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly.

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These are just a few of the celebrity engagement rings that have set the internet ablaze this year. Whether you love the bold and colourful or the timeless and elegant, there's sure to be a ring on this list that inspires your own dream sparkler. After all, a celebrity engagement ring is more than just a piece of jewellery; it's a symbol of love, commitment, and of course, impeccable taste!

Why not create your own celebrity engagement ring!

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Here's how Ethica Diamonds could help you design your dream ring:

Consultation: Discuss your vision with our bespoke concierge design team. Share pictures or details of the celebrity ring that inspires you, and highlight specific elements you'd like to incorporate.

Customisation: Whether it's replicating a specific stone cut, band style, or adding subtle details that reflect the celebrity's personality, Ethica can customise the ring to your exact preferences.

Ethical Materials: You can choose lab-grown diamonds and 100% recycled metals for a ring that aligns with many celebrities' values for sustainability and ethical sourcing.

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