Why Coloured Gemstone Engagement Rings Are Something You Should Consider.

Why Coloured Gemstone Engagement Rings Are Something You Should Consider.

Adding Colour To Your Engagement Ring

When picturing an engagement ring, most people envision a sparkling diamond solitaire that captures the essence of eternal love. However, adding colourful gemstone accents to your engagement ring, or using a coloured gem to feature as the centrepiece, can create a unique and personalised piece that tells your love story in vibrant hues, as well as enhancing the diamond by drawing more attention and creating a captivating focal point. By combining diamonds with coloured gemstones, it creates a mesmerising combination of brilliance and striking, head-turning colour - the best of both worlds we think!

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What’s more, the use of gemstones in an engagement ring can also make a ring more personal, by carefully selecting the recipient's favourite colour in gemstone form and incorporating it into a ring which matches their style.

Which coloured gemstone should I choose for an engagement ring?

Incorporating coloured gemstones into an engagement ring can amplify its sentimental value. One way of doing this is choosing a gemstone with a meaning that resonates with your relationship. Below we explore the meanings behind the lab grown gemstones we can source, which are also some of the most popular coloured gemstones for engagement rings.

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphires sybolise wisdom, strength and royalty, as well as kindness. When set within an engagement ring, the representation of a sapphire can be translated into signifying loyalty, trust and sincerity within a relationship. If your partner has a love for the sea or adores the colour blue, a blue sapphire-accented diamond engagement ring, or indeed an engagement ring with a blue sapphire centre stone, would be a wonderful consideration. As well as blue, we also offer Sapphires in pink and white. For the champagne and peachy coloured sapphires, we don’t offer these in lab grown sapphire form, but our peach and champagne moissanite is a wonderful alternative and is actually a more durable option than sapphire.



Emerald Engagement Rings

Emeralds symbolise truth and love. When set with an engagement ring, the emerald is thought to symbolise new beginnings, unwavering love and growth, which is appropriate with marriage being a new chapter in a couple’s life together. Emeralds also make for a captivating, nature-inspired symbol of your unity; an emerald centre stone or emerald accents can be a perfect choice for someone who appreciates nature and the lush green hue will create a captivating and enchanting piece. We offer our lab grown emeralds in two different hues: one that resembles Columbian emeralds and the other which resembles Zambian emeralds.

Coloured Moissanite Engagement Rings

Moissanite also has strong spiritual symbolism. Since this gemstone was originally discovered inside a meteor crater, many people consider moissanite as a treasure from space, creating a strong connection with the universe for the wearer. Moissanite is also one of the strongest gemstones there is, so when this celestial gem is set within an engagement ring, it can represent the strong and unwavering bond of love shared between two people. Coloured moissanite is a truly stunning way to add colour to your engagement ring, and is also incredibly practical since the durability of this gemstone is similar to diamond. We source coloured moissanite in a variety of colours including aqua, blue, champagne, peach, fancy yellow, green, grey and black. Whether you are looking for a coloured gem with soft champagne undertones, or one that reflects the many colours of the ocean, speak to us for advice on how to incorporate beautiful coloured moissanites into your piece to make it more personal and stand out from the crowd.

Ruby Engagement Ring

Rubies symbolise love and passion, as well as happiness. When set within an engagement ring, the representation of a ruby can intensify the fervour and romance behind the ring. For a vibrant and energetic partner, consider a diamond engagement ring with ruby accents or a ruby and diamond Toi et Moi engagement ring, exuding passion and adventure. Rubies are actually red sapphires, making up one of the 8 gems in the Corundum family, so their durability makes them an excellent choice for everyday wear in an engagement ring. What makes lab grown rubies even more special is their purity, since it makes them even more hard wearing. Inclusions cause weaknesses within the gems making them more vulnerable to fractures and chips, and since lab grown rubies are near flawless, they are much less vulnerable to such damage. This is not to say they are indestructible; proper care should be taken with any fine jewellery. But for general everyday wear, a ruby is a fantastic option in terms of durability, and if your partner has expressed a love for the colour red, then considering a ruby engagement ring could be a hit!

Of course, if you are considering buying an engagement ring for your significant other, the most important thing to consider overall is whether that gemstone is one they love, regardless of the meaning. At Ethica Diamonds, we want you to be totally in love with your piece of jewellery. If for any reason you or your loved one isn't happy with the choice of coloured gemstone, we will work with you to exchange it for something you are delighted with. After all, that’s the point of having fine jewellery in the first place, right?!

Speak to us today about your dream coloured gemstone commission, and you may be surprised by the possibilities within your budget.

Coloured Diamonds in an Engagement Ring

For the purists among us, you may like the idea of adding colour to an engagement ring but you still want the centre stone to still be diamond. After all, the brilliance of a diamond is arguably unbeatable! Luckily, coloured diamonds are a thing, and they are extremely desirable and a lot more expensive than regular colourless diamonds. For example, the most expensive precious gem in the world is the red diamond. Fetching prices of over $1 million per carat, the biggest red diamond ever sold was only 5.11 carats and sold for $8 million!

Other coloured diamonds also exist and sell for prices that far exceed even the most colourless D colour diamonds. Colours include blue, yellow, orange, green, brown, pink in a variety of different hues and intensities (enjoy that rabbit hole in google images!)

Fortunately, coloured lab diamonds are much more accessible in terms of price point. They are still expensive, but not nearly as pricey as natural coloured diamonds, and they also have the added benefit of being more environmentally friendly if the energy used to grow them has been closely monitored and offset in some way, or renewables are used to grow them. Using coloured lab grown diamonds in engagement rings to add colour to your piece, rather than coloured gemstones, is a brilliant way to add vibrancy to your piece whilst losing none of the sparkle. They really do capture the best of both worlds and set them apart from other engagement rings, since the use of coloured diamonds in engagement rings is much more exclusive due to their higher price points. Due to the scarcity of coloured diamonds, even those that are grown above ground, we would need to work with you directly to help you select the perfect lab grown coloured diamond for you.

Get in touch with us and we can explore your colour preferences, hues and vibrancies and give you some options you may like to consider for your budget. We can also advise on which specifications to prioritise with coloured lab diamonds according to your priorities to help make the most of your budget.

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