How Much Are You Spending On Your Engagement Ring?

How Much Are You Spending On Your Engagement Ring?

An article appeared in one of the national newspapers recently looking at a study by two economists in 2014. It showed that the amount a couple spend on their diamond engagement ring and wedding ceremony is inversely associated with marriage duration. In simple terms, the more a couple spends on getting married, the less likely they are to remain married. Obviously that doesn’t mean that all mega-bucks weddings end in divorce, but that’s the trend.

The study showed that when men spent between $2,000 and $4,000 on their beloved’s diamond engagement ring (£2,000 to £4,000+) they were 1.3 times more likely to divorce than a couple whose engagement ring had cost between $500 and $2,000 (£376-£2,000).

Also linked to a higher rate of divorce were weddings costing more than $20,000 (£15,000) and a person’s looks playing an important role in the decision to marry. (To be clear, that’s marrying someone largely because they’re good-looking, without taking other factors into consideration as much as you perhaps should be!)

However, it seems that going on honeymoon is a factor that indicates a greater likelihood of staying together, which is good news!

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Here at Ethica Diamonds, we know that our customers come to us because they understand that there is more to life than show. An ostentatious, mined diamond is not a desirable item when it comes at the cost of huge swathes of environmental damage, and potential human rights abuses. Rest assured though, that is not to say that the Ethica Diamond is inferior in any way, especially not aesthetically. Every Ethica Diamond is independently certified by the GRI, and graded as an E colour, VVS1 clarity and Hearts and Arrows cut.

Also, it’s a happy fact that many of our Diamond engagement rings come in at less than the magic £2,500. See, we’re looking out for you!

Our Lab Grown Gemstones are cheaper than equivalent mined diamonds because the pricing structure for mined diamonds is fixed by the diamond producers, and actually bears little relation to the cost of producing a diamond. Our diamonds is priced according to the cost of production, and we’re committed to fair and ethical business practices. You can read more about the pricing of the Ethica Diamond, and how they compare to mined diamonds, in another blog.

A wedding can be an expensive occasion, but as long as you’re marrying for the right reasons, and planning the wedding doesn’t overtake the sentiment of the marriage itself, you stand a better chance of staying happily married to your partner for the rest of your lives. An Ethica Diamond really is forever!

We wish you all the best, if you’re getting married – and if you’ve bought your engagement ring or wedding rings from us, we’d love to see the pictures!

Beautiful bespoke Ethica Diamond® Ring

Our beautiful bespoke Ethica Diamond Ring


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