Women: How To Propose To Your Man This Leap Year 2024

Women: How To Propose To Your Man This Leap Year 2024
Ladies, the tradition of women proposing to men may not be as common, but why not break the mold and take the leap? This Leap Year, let's turn the tables and make a romantic gesture that your man will cherish forever. If you've been contemplating popping the question, here's your ultimate guide on how to propose to your man with style, grace, and a dash of modern romance. 


The Leap Year

Every four years, we encounter a unique and elusive phenomenon: the leap year. In 2024, this extraordinary event is set to occur on February 29th. Originating from the visionary mind of Julius Caesar in 46 BC, the leap day was ingeniously introduced to the Julian Calendar as a solution to the gradual misalignment between the calendar year and the solar year.

The tradition of women proposing to their man on the leap day apparently began in Ireland, where 29th February is known as Bachelor’s Day. This supposedly originated in a deal that St Brigid struck with St Patrick, to allow women to propose on one day in every four years, rather than the other way round. (It’s still a long time to wait though!)

Queen Victoria apparently proposed to Prince Albert, which is quite understandable really. You’ve got to consider Albert’s internal monologue: “I like this girl, but she’s Queen, and I don’t want to seem presumptuous by proposing, which is effectively asking myself to be king”.

Also Zsa Zsa Gabor claimed to have proposed to all nine of her husbands. (You can have a moment here to think about having nine husbands!)

However, this seems rather antiquated, in this day and age.

Why shouldn’t women propose?

In a world where traditions are evolving, the idea that women shouldn't pop the question is a notion ready for retirement. Furthermore, for those women who aspire to propose to their female partners, the message is clear: embrace what feels authentic to you!

ChatGPTAnd why shouldn't women propose!?

So, here is our woman’s guide to proposing!

Choosing The Ring

Do you want to present your other half with a ring for them to wear, or will you be proposing with a ring you have chosen for yourself to wear?

If you're choosing a ring for him, make sure to choose a ring that complements his style. It doesn't have to be traditional – consider a unique design or even a custom-made piece that reflects his tastes. Pay attention to whether he prefers gold or silver coloured metal, and if he wears jewellery at all.

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There's also the option of choosing and proposing with a ring for yourself. This is a great way to ensure that you get the exact ring that you want! 

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The other small issue that you might need to bear in mind is that your other half may also be planning a proposal. In the spirit of understanding and communication, contemplate what you would do if your proposal coincides with his plans.

Make it Personal

Secondly, think about how to propose. Make the proposal uniquely yours. Incorporate elements that reflect your relationship, such as inside jokes, shared memories, or special songs. Personal touches will make the proposal more intimate and memorable.

Here's some ideas on how to make your proposal special to you both:

  1. Pick a location that holds significance for both of you. Whether it's where you first met, a place that symbolises your relationship, or a spot he's always wanted to visit, a meaningful setting will add a sentimental touch to the proposal.

  2. Speak from the Heart: When the moment arrives, speak genuinely and from the heart. Express your love, share your reasons for wanting to spend your life with him, and don't forget to ask the big question. Authenticity is key.

  3. Enlist Help: If you're feeling nervous or want to make the proposal a grand affair, consider enlisting the help of friends, family, or even a professional planner. Having a support system can make the process smoother and more enjoyable.

Try not to over think it too much, after all, you’ve done the hard part – you’ve found the perfect person to share the rest of your life with, you just need to marry them!

Ethica Diamonds customer proposal


Ladies, proposing to your man on Leap Year can be a thrilling and empowering experience. It's a chance to rewrite the rules and create a beautiful memory that will be cherished forever. So, take the leap, plan the perfect proposal, and enjoy the journey as you embark on this exciting new chapter together. Wishing you love, happiness, and a resounding "yes" from your soon-to-be life partner!




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