Our Favourite Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Our Favourite Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

We’ve seen some absolutely gorgeous engagement rings with lab grown diamonds come through our offices and to be frank - we’ve been OBSESSED. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small carat size or a large one, there is something about lab grown diamonds that are dreamyyy, particularly with the oval or emerald cuts. Want some inspirations?

Without further ado…

The Lucille Ring

The Lucille Ring is a simple yet unique solitaire engagement ring featuring an elegant open basket with four graceful petals cradling the centre lab grown diamond. The delicate band of Lucille gently tapers at the top of the shoulders, bringing even more understated elegance to this simple engagement ring. It’s no surprise that Lucille is one of our bestsellers! Meaning ‘the light of the day’, this ring lives up to its namesake with its understated sparkle of sophistication.


The Aesa Ring

The Aesa Ring is a beautifully feminine shoulder set engagement ring which is wonderfully flattering on the hand. The superfine, lambent band is adorned with sixteen radiant lab grown diamonds, beautifully complementing the oval centre lab diamond, set within four claws. This is an absolutely gorgeous engagement ring and a style that could be recommended to anyone!

The Amber Ring

Classic simplicity defines the Amber Ring. The thin band of precious metal gently tapers towards a mixture of round brilliant cut and baguette cut lab grown diamonds, which are symmetrically nestled either side of the magnificent emerald cut centre lab diamond. Together, they create an engagement ring with extra sparkle at every angle, creating a very pretty Art Deco engagement ring setting. This ring is perfect for anyone who has a flair of vintage in their style and wants to make a statement with the engagement ring they wear.

The Serephina Ring

With a name meaning passionate and spirited, the Serephina Ring is beautifully whimsical, eye-catching, and unique. The centre lab diamond is oval cut and elegantly framed by a melée of dainty round brilliant cut lab grown diamonds that perfectly catch the light, creating a breathtaking scintillation. The slim proportions of the shank create a wonderfully flattering look on the hand which is one of the reasons this engagement ring is in our top five favourite lab grown diamond rings.

The Penelope Ring

The Penelope Ring is the ultimate oval cut solitaire engagement ring and is our absolute favourite here at Ethica! Simply set within a classic four claw basket, the slim shank gently tapers towards the shining oval cut lab grown diamond. The contemporary talon claws add detail and secure the dazzling centre stone. This timeless design stacks beautifully with a range of bands which means that any ring set you curate will be perfectly suited and unique to the wearer.

So, there you have it. A list of our favourite lab grown diamond engagement rings. We hope you feel inspired by our gorgeous collection of ethically responsible engagement rings.

Love, Ethica. X

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