Megan Fox - The Engagement Ring That Broke The Internet

Megan Fox - The Engagement Ring That Broke The Internet

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have had one of the wildest, weirdest and most intense celebrity love stories (and now potentially heartbreaks) of our era, so as you can imagine, they have an engagement ring to match. When the pair got engaged under their special banyon tree and then proceeded to drink each other's blood (yep, you heard that right) you can bet that Machine Gun Kelly hadn’t just picked any old engagement ring from a catalog. Keep reading to find out all you could need to know about Megan’s totally unique engagement ring, estimated to be worth up to a whopping £400,000 ...

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly on the red carpet.Megan and Machine Gun Kelly on the red carpet. Megan & Cole (Machine Gun Kelly) image source :

Ring Inspiration

Machine Gun Kelly designed Megan's ring with renowned British jewellery designer Stephen Webster. Machine Gun Kelly was drawn to Webster’s unique and handcrafted style, particularly an older collection he’d released back in 2013 called the seven deadly sins. It’s this combination of beautiful craftsmanship and storytelling with a darker twist that MGK was particularly inspired by, but he also wanted the design to really be personal to Megan and their relationship.

"He wanted something completely unique and 100 percent connected to Megan and himself. So, it was down to me to extract personal things from him and put that into a design. You want to feel if you are going to give, or receive, a ring that holds a lot of emotions, and it has to be something that feels connected to one or both parties. In this case we were able to establish where they feel they are connected and represent that with their two birthstones." - Stephen Webster on creating Megans ring. 

 The Seven Deadly Sin Collection by Simon Webster. Image Source: https://thisbugslife.comv

Ring Design

So Machine Gun Kelly had a brief for Webster, he wanted to incorporate his and Megans birthstones and he wanted a similar vibe to the Seven Deadly Sins collection. Stephen took this and went on to create something totally new, two thorn shaped bands that would fit and stay together with hidden magnets. Each band would feature a pear shaped centre stone, which would each form one half of an abstract heart when worn together. Machine Gun Kelly states the stones represent himself and Megan, "two halves of one soul".

This was the first piece in a new collection launched by Webster, the Thorn Embrace Collection. The unique thorn shape of the bands has caused a lot of controversy online, and the question still remains - does it hurt for Megan take the ring off? Machine Gun Kelly has spoken about this and replied ‘love is pain!’, which has only sparked the rumours further. However, from what we can see from the pictures, we can probably just write this off as one of Machine Gun Kelly's edgy metaphors. Megan doesn't seem to have had any problems removing it as far as the break up rumours go!

"The Thorn design has to be one of my personal favorites; always unisex with an unquestionable edge. Thorn Embrace really takes it to a new level of desirability with the collection depicting Hollywood glamour and an exciting color palette of stones. Adding the latest Webster twist of innovation and technology, Thorn Embrace also features a magnetic mechanism embedded in the setting, allowing the stones to be ‘embraced together.'" - Stephen Webster

Photograph of Megan Fox's engagement ring taken by Megan from above as she holds her hand out into Machine Gun Kelly's hands.The couple showing off Megan's ring on the beach. Image source:

The Ring Setting

In simple terms, Megans ring is a Toi et Moi style. ‘Toi et Moi’ is French for ‘You and Me’, a fitting title given this ring design’s sentiment and inspiration. Two lovers are represented by two diamonds or gemstones that sit side by side on the engagement ring band, symbolising partnership and devotion. The idea is that each stone symbolizes someone in the relationship—thus “you and me.” Digital cad renders of Megan's ring. First render shows the rings stacked together from the front and the second shows the rings separately from behind.

Digital renders of Megan Fox's two stone thorn inspired engagement ring, shown from the front and back.

The Digital Renders of Megans ring. Image credit:

Megans ring is set in 18ct White Gold with diamond pave set shoulders and hidden halo. Shoulder set engagement rings have become increasingly popular, and are a great way to add extra sparkle and detail to a solitaire ring. The diamonds lead the eye along the shoulders and up to the central stone of choice - accentuating it without being overpowering.

The Stones

The most striking element of the ring is undoubtedly the pair of perfectly matched pear-shaped gems. The diamond is a D-color antique cut and the emerald is an extraordinary (completely) untreated Colombian gem. From looking at the photographs and CADS, we estimate each of the stones to be around 3.0ct’s each.

The pear shape of the stones is also known as the tear drop shape, a deep, mesmerising cut that combines the rich fullness of the Round Brilliant and the sparkling intensity of the Marquise. Similarly to oval cut, pears are also elongating and very flattering on the finger making them a popular choice.

The choice to use both emerald and diamond in Megans ring also creates a striking and beautiful contrast of colours. Emeralds are not uncommon in celebrity engagement rings, as seen on the likes of Halle Berry and Victoria Beckham.

Get The Goss!

So, just like the couple, there is a real story behind the design of Megan's ring, with incredible attention to detail, personal touches, romance and potentially something a bit darker. The darkness in the thorn design seems even more apparent now after Megan has deleted all the images of her and Machine Gun Kelly, unfollowed him on instagram and posted a picture of a burning envelope with the caption “You can taste the dishonesty / it’s all over your breath”. It would seem that there's trouble in paradise for the pair, and it just goes to show sometimes spending £340,000 on a ring isn't the key to a happy relationship. Whether the break up rumours are true or not though, one thing is for sure, Megan has one hell of an engagement ring! If you're feeling foxy, take a look at our Toi Et Moi and Pear Shaped rings. 

A selfie of Megan with her hand up by her face, showing off her long orange nails and engagement ring.

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