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Our Promise To You

In the captivating world of engagement rings and exquisite jewellery, Ethica Diamonds stands out for the stories our pieces tell. While countless options vie for your attention, we believe in the power of exceptional quality, ethical sourcing, and a deeply personal experience.

At Ethica Diamonds, you're not just buying a ring, you're investing in a piece crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ethical sourcing, and a commitment to sustainability. Our small, family-run business prioritises artisanal craftsmanship and personalised service, ensuring every piece embodies not only brilliance but also the values you hold dear. Let's delve deeper and explore why Ethica Diamonds offers a treasure trove of more than just sparkle.

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The Highest Quality Metal

We believe in crafting heirlooms, pieces designed to be cherished for generations. This commitment starts with the very foundation of your ring – the metal.

Unlike some jewelry that utilizes hollow bands to reduce weight and cost, Ethica Diamonds rings are crafted from solid metal throughout. This ensures exceptional strength and durability, guaranteeing your ring can withstand the trials of everyday wear and become a cherished heirloom for generations to come.

We exclusively use Platinum or 18ct Gold (with the exception of 9ct gold for our Senara gifting collection), the highest quality metals renowned for their enduring beauty and strength. Furthermore, we champion sustainability by only using recycled or Fairtrade gold, minimising our environmental impact.

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The Highest Quality Lab-Grown Diamonds

Our lab-grown diamonds are meticulously chosen, meeting the coveted 11A standard – a hallmark of exceptional brilliance. We wouldn't offer you a stone that wouldn't take pride of place in our own collections.

A Type 11A diamond refers to a diamond having no measurable nitrogen or boron impurities.

Additionally, we prioritise ethically sourced diamonds, selecting stones produced through sustainable practices like offsetting carbon emissions or utilising renewable energy sources.

The Ethica Diamond:
A Spark of Innovation

Our signature stone, The Ethica Diamond is much more than a standard moissanite. It uses advanced patented technology which infuses the moissanite with lab-grown diamond, making it a very similiar durabilty and hardness to diamond itself. They are consistently VVSI clarity and E colour, and individually cut and graded.

It is also the only super premium moissanite to be independently certified by the IGI, the World's largest Independent Laboratory for testing and Grading Gemstones and Fine Jewellery.

The Ethica Diamond allows you to get the biggest and best stone for your budget, without any compromise on durability, sparkle or ethics.

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Exceptional Customer Care

Choosing an engagement ring is a deeply personal experience, often brimming with emotions and questions. That's why we go above and beyond to provide exceptional customer care. Our knowledgeable team offers personalized guidance and unwavering support throughout your journey – from the initial sparkle of inspiration to after-sales care.

We take the time to understand your vision, budget, and style preferences, ensuring you make a confident decision that reflects your love story. Our glowing five-star reviews are a testament to the dedication and care we pour into each customer interaction.

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Your Story Becomes Our Story

At Ethica Diamonds, you're not simply making a purchase; you're becoming part of our story. We're a dedicated small team run by mother and daughter team down in Cornwall, and every piece we create reflects the care that goes into building a family legacy. Unlike a large corporation, you'll experience a personalised touch throughout your journey, ensuring the ring you choose reflects your unique love story.