Durability Meets Dazzle: Green Moissanite Outshines Emerald

Durability Meets Dazzle: Green Moissanite Outshines Emerald
Emeralds have long held a place of allure. Their captivating green depths have graced the fingers of royalty and celebrities for centuries. But for the modern ring wearer, there's a new contender for the spotlight: green moissanite.

green moissanite and diamond trilogy on a hand

Before we delve deeper, let's be clear: the purpose of this blog is not to undermine the beauty of emeralds. Emeralds are undeniably gorgeous gemstones. Their rich history and captivating colour have captivated hearts for centuries. However, when it comes to adorning your finger with a coloured stone, especially for a ring that's meant to be worn daily, durability becomes a crucial factor. Rings are constantly exposed to the elements and everyday activities, making them more susceptible to scratches and chips. That's where green moissanite shines (pun intended!). 

Green Moissanite Is Tougher Than Emerald

While emeralds possess undeniable beauty, they come with some inherent drawbacks. One of the biggest concerns is their softness. Emeralds rank a measly 7.5 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, making them susceptible to scratches and chips. This can be a major worry for an everyday ring, constantly exposed to the bumps and knocks of daily life.

Green moissanite, on the other hand, boasts a remarkable 9.25 on the Mohs scale, making it second only to diamond (which is 10) in terms of hardness. That translates to a ring that can endure years of wear without showing signs of wear and tear.

graph showing different gems on the mohs scale

Green Moissanite Is More Refractive (AKA Sparkly!)

Durability isn't the only reason to consider green moissanite over emeralds. Many of our customers who compare both gems side by side find its fire and brilliance to be more captivating than emeralds, giving them an extra level of allure. Green moissanite's refractive index creates a dazzling play of light, offering a depth of colour and vibrancy that rivals even the most saturated emeralds. 

green moissanite and diamond trilogy on a hand modelled by girl on a beach

Green Moissanite Doesn't Break The Bank

Forget the outdated notion that self-love can't sparkle and is limited to silver rings or engagement rings only. Our coloured moissanite could well open the door to the ring you've dreamed of buying for yourself, or the big centre stone for your engagement ring. Green moissanite offers a significantly lower price point compared to both natural and lab-grown emeralds. This makes it an attractive option for those seeking a luxurious look without the hefty price tag.

As an example, look at our Evelyn ring, set with a 2.0ct green moissanite and lab gown diamonds in solid 9k gold for £1,745. 

However, the lower price point is not reflective of quality. It's a beautiful and durable gemstone and a popular choice for engagement rings for good reason. Its properties are closer to diamond than any other gemstone. But here's the thing: unlike diamonds, the price of coloured moissanite hasn't been over inflated by decades of massive marketing campaigns. Lucky for us, moissanite lets you experience the brilliance of a fine gem without the hefty price tag. 

As for natural emeralds with a good colour and clarity grade, these are more expensive because they are genuinely rare, especially when they are of a certain size. However, with rarity comes high cost. As an example, this 1.93ct emerald from zambia would set you back £9,085...


So, if you're dreaming of a stunning green gemstone for your ring, green moissanite might be your perfect match. With its exceptional hardness, gorgeous colour & fire, and accessible price point, it offers a compelling alternative to the classic emerald, ensuring your ring stays beautiful for years to come. 

green moissanite and diamond trilogy on a hand modelled by girl on a beach
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