Accented engagement ring in Platinum with oval centre stone and twisted vine design, worn on the hand of model wearing a forest green dress.

Collection: Diamond Accented Moissanite Engagement Ring Collection

This ring collection is set with the highest grade lab grown accented diamonds or coloured gemstones that perfectly complement the central moissanite. Only the finest quality VVS1 D-E graded stones are used to create the Ethica Diamond® signature moissanite gems.


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Diamond Accented Moissanite Engagement Rings

Accented moissanite engagement rings come in a variety of designs and can create the perfect vintage aesthetic, as well as styles that are more modern and individual.

Breathtakingly sparkly, each of these luxurious moissanite engagement rings features exquisite accented lab grown diamonds on the ring's band. Rising up to your big occasion, our accented rings give you complete confidence to propose. 

These styles enhance the overall beauty and delicacy of a piece of jewellery. They add class, elegance and personality to a wide range of different stone shapes and settings. Diamond accents refer to the small diamonds that are placed beside a larger stone in a piece of jewellery.

This collection of accented engagement rings are made with ethical premium grade moissanite and embody not only a stunning design, but are also a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. We believe that jewellery should not only be beautiful, but also contribute to a better world.

Ethica Diamonds are produced using an exclusive patented technology and made from premium grade moissanite with a lab diamond infusion. They are cut and fully faceted to exact diamond proportions and posess incredible depth and realism, radiating sparkle and brilliance comparable to the most expensive diamonds that will last forever. These beautiful designs are set with moissanite central stones and E-F colour, VS1 clarity lab diamond accents which radiate extra sparkle and ultimately joy, hence their popularity!

We stock Ethica Diamonds at consistent E colour, VVS1 clarity and excellent cut so all Ethica Diamonds have these specifications. 

Choosing the perfect accented engagement ring is slightly more difficult than selecting a classic round brilliant cut design, as this particular style can vary in so many different options.

Accented rings are the ideal design if you want to break tradition and add a bit of colour to your engagement ring. However, it is best to not choose coloured stones based solely on aesthetics. It is important to consider other factors, such as a gemstone's durability, clarity, and overall performance. This is due to the fact that not all gemstones are as particularly hard as diamonds. Meaning they can be more likely to scratch or chip which can lead to stones potentially falling out of their setting. 

At Ethica Diamonds, we can offer other colours in our signature moissanite, which are a very durable option and include, champagne, blue, green and many others. In addition, we offer coloured synthetic gemstones or fancy cut lab grown diamonds. Please get in touch with us to discuss your options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an accented engagement ring mean?

An accented engagement ring refers to a style of ring that features smaller moissanite stones set along the band or around the centre stone. These accent stones add extra sparkle and visual interest to the ring, enhancing its overall beauty and creating a more intricate and detailed design.

The accent stones can be set in various ways, such as in a pavé setting where the small diamonds are closely set together to create a continuous band of sparkle, or in a channel setting where the stones are placed in a groove cut into the band.

Accented engagement rings are a popular choice for those who want to add extra brilliance and glamour to their ring. The additional stones can complement and enhance the appearance of the centre stone, making it appear larger and more dazzling.

Accent stones don’t have to be just white, obviously you could choose to add a pop of colour to highlight your beautiful Ethica moissanite. Ethica stocks a wide range of ethically produced lab grown gemstones. Be your preference sapphire, ruby, emerald, tanzanite etc the colour options are vast. 

Overall, an accented engagement ring is a beautiful choice for those who appreciate extra sparkle and detail in their ring design. It can add a touch of elegance and sophistication, and it allows for customisation and a personal touch.

Can I specify the design of the accent stones in my moissanite engagement ring?

Absolutely! We can create a ring to your exact requirements. This might mean making a few little tweaks to an existing design, or creating something completely new and unique to you. Our experienced design team are here to help you with any bespoke jewellery requests.

We will talk with you to understand what your vision is,  then we can create CAD imagery for you so you can see your concept on a screen. We will adjust the design until it becomes exactly as you envisaged it, if not better.

Your bespoke accented moissanite engagement ring will then be created for you by our talented workshop. It comes presented in our beautiful packaging ready to become your treasured future heirloom.

Are there any negative points to having an accented moissanite engagement ring?

This ultimately comes down to personal taste. Some people prefer a simpler, pared back design, whereas others want something a little more intricate. Having said that there are some things to consider if contemplating an accented engagement ring; 

1.The additional carat weight of the accent stones can increase the overall cost of the ring, as more gemstones are required. The increased craftsmanship and intricate settings can also raise the price due to the complexity of the design.

2. Maintenance and care are also important considerations. The accent stones can be more susceptible to damage or loss compared to a simple solitaire setting. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and prong tightening, may be necessary to ensure the accent stones are secure and in good condition.

3. Resizing or repairs can be more complicated with accented rings, depending on the design. If you are leaning towards a design with lots of small stones going all around the band then bear in mind sizing is trickier than with a simple solitaire. If sizing up or down considerably the individual settings can become misshapen or structurally impaired so the sizing process itself can be more costly. Our sales advisors will happily advise on complications like this.

The visual benefits of accent stones are obviously vast but it is always worth considering the potential negatives. We are happy to discuss these with you and help you make an informed decision about whether an accented moissanite engagement ring is the right choice for you.

What accent stones can I have in my moissanite engagement ring? 

You can choose to accent your Moissanite engagement ring with further Ethica moissanite stones or you can choose to add a pop of colour.

Our Ethica Diamond collection has now extended into a range of beautiful coloured gemstones that are specifically grown individually to the perspective colour of them, meaning they are not post treated and will never fade. 

They are also extremely durable, unlike their natural counterparts, which can be prone to cracking and chipping. How prone a gemstone is to external forces, such as breaking and chipping, is measured scientifically on a scale of hardness called the MOHS. Diamond being the hardest, which is measured at 10. Natural emeralds for example are 7.5, Topaz is 8 whereas Sapphire and Ruby it at 9 MOHS. Our moissanite coloured gemstones are almost as durable as diamond at 9.7 MOHS.  The other good news is that each gemstone is independently graded by the GRI and comes with a certificate of authenticity. 

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