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Collection: Hidden Halo Moissanite Engagement Ring Collection

This pretty collection of engagement rings are expertly set with the Ethica Diamond® a premium VVS1 D-E grade moissanite centre gem, created with an exclusive patented technology. Sparkling lab grown diamonds are set in the hidden halos, offering the perfect sustainable proposal choice for your big question.


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Hidden Halo Moissanite Engagement Rings

This style of engagement ring is a popular choice for those who want some extra sparkle but don’t want to shout about it. This is a relatively new style that is designed to consider what your ring looks like from the side as well as from above. While traditional halo rings have a visible row of smaller stones surrounding the centre stone, hidden halo rings keep the smaller stones hidden from view, creating an element of surprise and intrigue.

Whether you prefer a classic round brilliant diamond, an elegant and on trend oval-shaped diamond, or a vibrant coloured gemstone, a hidden halo engagement ring is a stunning choice that is sure to turn heads. 

Our hidden halo moissanite collection of rings are all pavé set with VS calrity E-F colour lab grown diamonds, which add a subtle sparkle to your hidden halo moissanite engagement ring.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a hidden halo mean?

A hidden halo is a row of smaller gemstones set into the metal underneath the main centre stone. Unlike a traditional halo setting, where the smaller stones are visible around the centre stone, the hidden halo is not immediately visible from the top view of the ring. Instead, the row of smaller stones is strategically placed underneath the centre stone, creating a hidden layer of sparkle and giving the illusion of a larger centre stone. 

You might ask, ‘why hide my stones?’ However by adding some sparkle to the side of the ring it ensures that whatever angle you view your ring from there will be some visible radiance. It is an understated and subtle way to increase the luxury appeal of a ring.

Why should I choose a hidden halo engagement ring?

Not many people will have a ring with this unusual twist. It’s contemporary and individual.

The halo adds more sparkle and interest to the design resulting in an eye catching ring.

Most central stones shapes, be it round, oval or princess would look beautiful with a Hidden Halo. Therefore you can create a ring with this unique twist that still suits your personal style.

Is a hidden halo moissanite engagement ring unusual?

A hidden halo ring is definitely unusual compared to more traditional halo ring designs. While halo engagement rings are popular and widely seen, the hidden halo design adds a unique and unexpected twist to the traditional style. The hidden row of diamonds or gemstones creates a captivating detail that sets the ring apart and adds an element of surprise and intrigue.

Although a trend that is currently taking off you still won’t see many hidden halos around. If you or your partner are looking for an elegant and traditional ring but with a contemporary and unique twist then this could be the one for you.

Are the stones in a hidden halo ring secure?

When a hidden halo setting is properly done, the stones are securely set and protected. The hidden row of moissanite gemstones is set into the surrounding metal using small raised balls of metal that secure the stones in place.This style of setting is called pave and is widely used in a variety of designs by our goldsmiths here at Ethica.

Although the pave setting is secure it does still require maintenance and considered wear. With regular wear, the stones in the halo setting may become loose and require tightening. It's essential to have the ring inspected periodically to ensure that all the stones are secure. This proactive approach can help prevent any potential issues and ensure the longevity of the ring.

Ethica offers a not for profit Ring Maintenance Service helping you keep your hidden halo moissanite ring in perfect condition. 

Although we want you to always wear and enjoy your ring, we advise you to remove it before engaging in activities that can put pressure on the setting. These would include things such as; gardening, sports, gym visits, lifting heavy objects etc. 

By following these precautions and getting regular maintenance, you can enjoy your hidden halo ring with confidence in the security of its stones.

Is it difficult  to match a hidden halo engagement ring with a wedding ring?

You shouldn’t have any problems matching a hidden halo ring with one of our wedding rings. Whether you want a shaped band to curve around your solitaire or a straight band that sits flush to the ring, both options are open. 

You may choose an engagement ring that is ‘wed fit’ which means that the stone settings are raised up so a wedding band can sit beneath allowing it to form a completely flush set. Or if your preference is for a lower set central stone with the sparkle all the way down then a shaped band would be a better choice. Whichever option, our experienced sales team would be able to advise and guide you to the best solution.

Ethica offers a beautiful collection of bridal sets where we can cater each ring to suit the shape of the engagement ring.

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