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Collection: Modern Moissanite Engagement Ring Collection

Explore our exquisite modern moissanite engagement ring collection for a timeless symbol of love. Only the finest quality, VVS1 D-E graded stones are used to create the Ethica Diamond® signature gems.


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Most Popular Moissanite Engagement Ring Styles

Our collection of modern and contemporary engagement rings ranges from delicate and understated to bold and luxurious. While plain bands wrap the finger in lustrous light, diamond accents sparkle and catch the eye. Dedication to quality, a focus on the customer, and a keen eye for ethics unites our modern engagement ring settings as a cohesive grouping of incredible designs. Our collection features unique and unusual setting styles, ranging from full bezel and tension settings to split shanks and striking talon claws. Some modern engagement rings follow a simple, symmetrical aesthetic with a minimalist design whereas others embrace the fluidity of the ocean and moving water with curves and dynamic twists. 

This collection of modern engagement rings are made with ethical premium grade moissanite and embody not only a stunning design, but are also a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. We believe that jewellery should not only be beautiful, but also contribute to a better world.

Ethica Diamonds are produced using an exclusive patented technology and made from premium grade moissanite with a lab diamond infusion. They are cut and fully faceted to exact diamond proportions and posess incredible depth and realism, radiating sparkle and brilliance comparable to the most expensive diamonds that will last forever. These beautiful designs are set with moissanite and E colour, VVS1 clarity lab diamond accents which radiate extra sparkle and ultimately joy, hence their popularity!

Modern rings are the ideal design if you want to break tradition and add a bit of colour to your engagement ring. However, it is best to not choose coloured stones based solely on aesthetics. It is important to consider other factors, such as a gemstone's durability, clarity, and overall performance. This is due to the fact that not all gemstones are as particularly hard as diamonds. Meaning they can be more likely to scratch or chip which can lead to stones potentially falling out of their setting. 

At Ethica Diamonds, we can offer other colours in our signature moissanite, which are a very durable option and include, champagne, blue, green and many others. In addition, we offer coloured synthetic gemstones or fancy cut lab grown diamonds. Please get in touch with us to discuss your options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I choose a modern engagement ring? 

Modern and contemporary rings are perfect for those who either like minimal designs, rings inspired by nature, designs featuring geometry, or they just want something really unique. Modern designs can vary in complexity and design, but minimal fuss with maximum impact is something they all have in common. Many modern engagement rings designs are ideal for those who have active lifestyles, since low settings often form part of the minimalist design aesthetic, and bezel settings protect the diamond’s girdle from all angles. 

The moissanite’s and other gemstones we use in our jewellery are different to many other jewellers. We actively make choices to ensure the impact our jewellery has on the environment is minimal and only use diamonds, gemstones and metals that are in line with our values. Our stunning jewellery celebrates the fusion of absolute luxury with sustainability, uncompromising quality and ethics.  Lab grown gemstones are the answer to a sustainable future in the jewellery industry, and we firmly believe this.

How do I pair a modern engagement ring with a wedding ring? 

As a general rule, it's a good idea to match the width of your band to the width of the band on your engagement ring - thin with thin, chunky with chunky, etc - particularly if you prefer a neater, more uniform look. But naturally there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to style, so it's up to you what you like the look of.

Unless you want to make a really bold statement, keep the metals uniform across your wedding band and engagement ring - yellow gold with yellow gold, platinum with platinum, etc.

Will a modern engagement ring go out of fashion?

Today’s jewellery styles fluctuate constantly. Whether it be a simple solitaire or a more intricate design these designs are guaranteed to have the same 'wow factor' now, just as they will in years to come, even when it comes to engagement rings. Often, the inspiration for a modern engagement ring comes from nature or is an understated design with a distinctive feature. This means that modern engagement rings will stand the test of time, since their aesthetic is not based on fashion.

Whilst we love to stay up to date with new trends and modernise the way we buy stones, some designs are timeless, which include solitaires, trilogies, vintage inspired and halos. 

Is a modern engagement ring durable? 

The question is - Is it reasonable to think you can never take your engagement ring off?  In short, no.

Your hands come in contact with plenty of surfaces and substances every day, which can potentially harm your engagement ring. While it's safe to keep it on for most activities, take it off when you know you'll be working heavily with your hands or if you could potentially expose it to harsh chemicals.

Is a modern engagement ring unique? 

Modern or contemporary ring design is characterised by sleek aesthetic, clean lines, and a minimalistic approach and often features bezel or prong settings.

We can semi customise any of our features designs to make them even more unique to you, including coloured gemstones or adjustments to the band width or claw style. It's all about being unconventional, alternative, and ahead of the curve! 

Please see our bespoke service for details.

Can you design a bespoke modern engagement ring for me? 

Our Bespoke Design Service allows you to create a truly unique modern engagement, wedding or celebration ring.

We will spend one-to-one time with you to help you design a piece of ethical jewellery that is symbolic and meaningful to you and your loved one. Taking your ideas and inspiration and turning it into your dream forever ring.

Please see our bespoke service for details.

Is a modern engagement ring a popular style?

If you are getting ready to pop the question this year, you will be happy to know that engagement ring trends are changing in a big way. Gone are the days of traditional solitaires; instead, couples are opting for rings that reflect their style.

It’s all about expressing personality and creativity with your engagement ring. Some engagement ring trends are bezel set rings, and the gemstone and moissanite or diamond Toi et Moi rings. The beautiful thing about the moissanite Toi et Moi ring is that it has two stones, one can be a traditional white Ethica Diamond while the other a gemstone. One of the biggest fashion ring trends is minimalist designs. These rings feature simple, clean lines and subtle details, creating an elegant and timeless look. 

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