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Sometimes one just isn’t enough! Our multi stone rings are expertly crafted & set with our signature gemstones, the Ethica Diamond® premium D-E VVS1 grade moissanite. These sparkly rings are a great choice for everyday wear, a celebration or a gift to a loved one.


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Premium Moissanite Multistone Engagement Rings

Unparalleled sparkle meets contemporary design for a timeless symbol of commitment with our multi stone moissanite ring collection. From two stones forming a Toi et Moi ring to trilogies or intricate clusters, choose the ethical brilliance of moissanite. We have a lovely selection of multi stone diamond rings, ranging from two stones to seven, perfect for those who want extra sparkle!

Two stone rings have been making somewhat of a comeback thanks to many celebrities wearing such designs – think Ariana Grande or Megan Fox. Many believe that the two stone rings date back to 1776 when Napoleon proposed to his first wife, Josephine, with a Toi et Moi  two stone ring consisting of two pear cut stones – one sapphire and one diamond.

One of the lovely benefits of a multi stone ring is that you can also mix the different shapes. This is particularly popular within the Toi et Moi rings. Many often mix round brilliant diamonds or gemstones with a pear cut or emerald cut stone. A modern take on a relatively historic design.

Some people choose to have all three stones the same carat size for a more classic look, whilst some like to mix the different carat weights for a more modern take on this design. If that is the case we recommend designs where the centre stone is slightly larger and the stone each side is smaller.

Can’t find one you like? We offer a bespoke service which allows you to create your dream ring.

Our multi stone moissanite rings will be sure to capture attention and bring joy and delight to the wearer for years to come. Each piece is meticulously crafted to the highest standards of jewellery-making, ensuring exquisite quality and durability. Our collection includes classic three stone designs, intricate cluster settings featuring more than three stones or the increasingly popular Toi et Moi settings.

Each piece is set as standard with our signature gemstone, the Ethica Diamond®, offering the same dazzling sparkle and clarity as diamonds, but at a less expensive price point.  We also offer the option to set these multi stone rings with sustainable lab grown diamonds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create a bespoke multi stone moissanite ring?

Yes, absolutely. Whether you envision designing a one-of-a-kind piece from scratch or putting your personal touch on an existing design, our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to bring your vision to life.

To begin the process, simply schedule an appointment with our custom design specialists. We will guide you through a detailed discussion of your preferences and vision, including the desired centre diamond or gemstone, any accented diamonds or coloured gemstones you may choose, and your preferred metal and band style. Together, we will collaborate to create a CAD rendering or sketch of the ring concept, allowing you to visualise the design and make any necessary adjustments or modifications until it is exactly what you desire.

Once the design is finalised, our skilled craftsmen will meticulously bring your bespoke multi stone diamond ring to fruition. Every detail will be carefully attended to, ensuring a flawless and polished piece of art. Finally, your ring will be presented to you in a beautiful box, ready for that perfect proposal moment.

With our bespoke jewellery service, you can be confident in receiving a truly personalised and exceptional ring that embodies your unique story and style.

Can a multi stone ring be an engagement ring?

Yes, absolutely! Multi stone rings can make stunning and unique engagement rings. While solitaire engagement rings with a single centre stone are traditional, multi stone rings have become increasingly popular choices for those seeking a distinctive and eye-catching design.

A multi stone engagement ring typically features a centre stone surrounded by smaller accent stones or additional gemstones, creating a captivating and glamorous effect. The arrangement and combination of stones can obviously vary, allowing for endless possibilities.

Multi stone engagement rings offer several advantages. Firstly, the extra stones enhance the overall sparkle and brilliance of the ring, creating a dazzling and impressive display. Additionally, the combination of different stones allows for unique colour combinations and contrasts, adding a vibrant and personalised touch.

Moreover, multi stone engagement rings provide an opportunity to incorporate symbolic meanings into the design. Each stone can represent a significant moment or symbolise different aspects of a couple's relationship.

Ultimately, the choice of an engagement ring, whether multi stone or not, should reflect your personal style, preferences, and story. If a multi stone ring resonates with you, it can undoubtedly serve as a captivating and meaningful engagement ring option.

What does a three stone or trilogy ring symbolise?

Three stone engagement rings (also known as a trilogy or trinity ring) are beautiful but also have a lovely meaning behind them. The three stones are believed to represent the past, present and future of a relationship, symbolising eternal love. De Beers marketed trilogy rings in this way which lead to three stone rings making the perfect commitment or anniversary gift.

What does a five stone ring symbolise?

A five-stone ring, also known as an anniversary ring, can be worn on any finger based on personal preference. However, there are some common guidelines:

1. Ring finger: Traditionally, the ring finger on the left hand is reserved for engagement and wedding rings. Some people choose to wear a five-stone ring on this finger as an anniversary band or to represent a special milestone in their relationship.

2. Right hand ring finger: The ring finger on the right hand is another popular choice for wearing a five-stone ring. This finger is often seen as a more flexible option for wearing symbolic or statement rings.

3. Middle finger: The middle finger is a versatile choice for wearing a five-stone ring. It allows for comfortable wear and can showcase the ring effectively.

Ultimately, the choice of finger to wear a five-stone ring depends on personal preference and comfort. It's important to choose a finger that feels natural and allows the ring to be displayed effectively.

What style of ring is worn on an index finger?

In some cultures, wearing a ring on the index finger is thought to represent authority, power, and leadership. It can be seen as a symbol of strength and confidence.

The style of ring worn on the index finger can vary depending on personal taste and individual style. It can range from simple and minimalist designs to bold and eye-catching pieces. Ultimately, the choice of index finger ring comes down to personal preference and the desired aesthetic. Some popular styles of rings for the index finger include cluster rings, cocktail rings, and statement rings with multiple stones or intricate detailing.

Is an anniversary ring the same as an eternity ring?

An anniversary ring and an eternity ring are usually slightly different aesthetically. While both rings are often given to celebrate milestones in a relationship, they can differ in design and symbolism.

An anniversary ring is typically given to celebrate a specific wedding anniversary, such as the 5th, 10th, or 25th year. It can come in various designs, but it often features diamonds or gemstones that symbolise the number of years being celebrated. The stones may be set in a pattern or arrangement and may be bigger in overall carat weight.

An eternity ring is a specific style of ring that is thought to symbolise everlasting love and commitment. It typically features a continuous line of diamonds or gemstones that go either all the way around the band or half way.

While an anniversary ring can be an eternity ring, not all eternity rings are given as anniversary rings, because they tend to be a bit more elaborate. Eternity rings can also be worn as diamond set wedding bands and enhance the sparkle when worn next to an engagement ring.

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