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Collection: Vintage Inspired Jewellery Collection

Invite some old world romance into your life with our collection of vintage inspired fine jewellery crafted to the highest standard. From delicate filigree patterns to intricate art deco motifs, find the right style to symbolise your special occasion.


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Vintage & Antique Style Diamond Jewellery

We invite you to explore our collection of vintage & antique style diamond jewellery and find the piece that speaks to you.

Our skilled artisans have years of experience in creating beautiful and timeless designs, and only the highest quality materials are used in the construction of our jewellery. Each piece in this vintage & antique diamond jewellery collection is made to order, ensuring that it is a unique and one-of-a-kind piece that will be treasured for a lifetime.

At Ethica we believe that special milestones in your journey deserves a unique and special piece of jewellery to represent it. Whether you are drawn to the elegance and sophistication of art deco, the delicate beauty of filigree, or the natural and rustic feel of organic designs, we have a design that will capture your heart.

If you cant find what you are looking for, Let us help you create a timeless and beautiful symbol of your love.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is vintage style jewellery?

Vintage style jewellery refers to jewellery that is inspired by designs and trends from previous eras such as Art Deco or Art Nouveau. It may incorporate elements such as delicate filigree work, intricate gemstone settings, and intricate detailing. Vintage style jewellery often has a timeless and nostalgic quality, drawing inspiration from the fashion and aesthetics of the past.

For instance, the Art Deco era is defined by its use of sleek and geometric designs, use of bold colors and patterns, and a focus on symmetry and symmetry. It often incorporates motifs from modern technology and machinery, as well as influences from various styles and cultures around the world.

Art Nouveau is characterised by its intricate designs, flowing curves, organic forms, and a decorative aesthetic. It often features stylised flowers, plant motifs, and natural elements. The style seeks to harmonise art and functionality, choosing ornamentation over minimalism.

What types of jewellery feature in Ethica Diamonds' Vintage Jewellery Collection?

Our collection of fine vintage jewellery includes a variety of styles and designs to suit your every need and look.

Our collection includes various styles of necklaces and pendants, rings, engagement rings, wedding bands, and earrings such as studs, drop earrings, huggie hoops, and dangle earrings.

If none of our wide ranging designs takes your fancy, we also offer a bespoke service in which you can customise an existing vintage design or create your own from scratch with the help of our dedicated team.

Is vintage inspired jewellery durable?

Our vintage inspired jewellery is designed to be strong and durable and well as fine and beautiful. We use only the best materials including fully recycled, Fairtrade, or otherwise ethically sourced yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum alongside a variety of lab grown diamonds, moissanite, and coloured gemstones. We ensure that every piece in the collection meets the proper standards and are made from materials of only the highest quality and ethical origins.

Real vintage jewellery can be delicate depending on its age and how well it has been looked after as it has been passed down the generations across various wearers. With the proper care and maintenance, your vintage inspired jewellery from Ethica Diamonds' collection could become an heirloom itself, being passed through the ages from wearer to wearer as a true testament of timeless style and beauty while remaining strong and durable.

How do I look after my antique style jewellery?

Vintage and antique style jewellery often contain delicate handy work, so it can be intimidating to consider how to properly care for them. But never fear! Looking after your antique inspired jewellery is so easy and will allow your treasured piece to last through the ages.

We recommend that you always remove your jewellery when doing activities which would strike, repeatedly wear, knock or potentially cause damage.

Do not store you vintage style jewellery together with multiple earth mined and/or man-made precious stones and gems as this could scratch the stones in your design.

Avoid allowing lotions, perfumes, oils, cake soap, and any other harsh chemicals to come into contact with your antique inspired piece as they could cause tarnishing and damage.

The best way to clean your Ethica Diamond® jewellery at home is to use warm water, mild dishwashing liquid and a (very soft) toothbrush. For professional cleaning, see your local jeweller for ultrasonic cleaning.

We recommend that you always keep your vintage and antique style jewellery in its box or case when not in use to reduce its exposure to wear and tear.

We have a care booklet with every piece of jewellery purchased that explains our recommendations for how to care for your jewellery.

You can also download our care guide here:

Jewellery Care Guide

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