Ben & Tilly's Cyprus Proposal Story - Not Your Average Engagement!

Ben & Tilly's Cyprus Proposal Story - Not Your Average Engagement!

Growing up at opposite sides of Cornwall and never knowing of each other, Ben and Tilly's paths didn't cross until they matched on a dating app. At this point, Ben was living in Plymouth and Tilly was in her hometown of Launceston. After chatting for a few weeks online, the pair met on a warm summers day at Meldon Quarry for a walk and a picnic. It was the perfect date, they hit it off instantly and spent a glorious four hours non-stop chatting in the sunshine. Ben found himself too nervous to ask for a second date, and so was delighted when Tilly asked if they could meet again on the car journey back to Launceston. The pair continued dating around beautiful Cornwall and Devon, and fast forward to today, they're engaged!

Sophie Sketches Illustration of Ben and Tilly's proposal

Ben didn't propose to Tilly in any old way - he chose to to pop the question whilst the pair where on holiday in beautiful Cyprus. You might think he'd decide to propose on a lovely beach or on the balcony overlooking the sunset - but Ben had other ideas. He decided to hire a buggy to drive up through the dirt tracks of the mountains, and propose overlooking a stunning view of the Cyprus below - much more fun than your bog standard proposal! However things didn't all go quite to plan... keep reading the hear in Ben's words exactly how it all went, the engagement ring buying process and how he planned this epic proposal.

Ben and Tilly

Ben, when did you know you wanted to propose?

I always felt that Tilly could be the one right from the start but I think it's important to take things one step at a time. We both made our first step on the housing ladder in November 2021 and, after a few months of living together, I knew for sure it was going to work great between us. Early in 2022 we booked to go to Cyprus for our 3-year anniversary in the summer and I saw this as the perfect opportunity to get down on one knee. The ring shopping started in earnest!

What made you consider an ethical stone rather than a mined diamond? How did you find Ethica?

When I started looking, I really knew nothing about rings and diamonds - other than the environmental impact of mining as well as poor pay for many of the miners. At this stage, I didn't even know you could get lab-grown diamonds!

During my first shop around Truro, I visited 5 different shops but nothing felt right. They were all mined or pre-owned diamonds and the majority of shopkeepers failed to give me convincing answers when I asked them about where the diamonds were sourced from.

It was during this first venture into Truro that I got rumbled! One of Tilly's co-workers saw me peering through a window at rings. She tapped me on the shoulder and said: "don't worry Ben, I won't tell!". Thankfully she could keep a secret!

The co-worker's son had recently popped the question and she explained that her son had visited Ethica Diamonds in Truro. I noted down the name and visited the website later that day to book an appointment.

What made you choose the Lucille Ring? How did you find the ring buying process?

The ring buying process was very educational. The website explained Ethica's ethos and I really bought into this. I had finally found a company that cares about the ethics of diamonds and sourcing metals.

At the showroom appointment, Olivia was amazing. She answered any questions I had with honesty and integrity.

Before the appointment I had shortlisted 5 rings on the website that I would like to see. I decided that none of the 5 rings were right for Tilly but that didn't matter. Olivia brought out a whole range of rings to the table and then I found it - the Lucille. A simple design with a slight twist. It was perfect for Tilly!

Lucille Ring

Now for the proposal! What was your plan and did it all go as you expected?

I was very nervous about the proposal! I had messaged a quad bike/buggy hire company in Paphos in advance of going on holiday and explained to them that I was hoping to propose up in the mountains. The hire company were all on board and excited for us.

It didn't quite go to plan though. Upon arrival at the hire company, I explained that we will be taking the buggy to the Troodos Mountains and it was explained that we couldn't go that far on the buggy. The owner quickly clocked the situation... He asked his assistant to take Tilly to demo the buggy whilst I 'filled in the paperwork' - this was just an excuse to get her out of the showroom! He quickly replanned a route for us that would take us high up into the Akamas Penninsula of Cyprus. He pinpointed the exact spot where he himself proposed to his wife - a beautiful vista overlooking miles of forest below. Plan B was good to go!

The route mainly consisted of off-road dirt tracks which were extremely fun and we took it in turns driving. It took us 3 hours to reach the vista point. We parked up, covered in dirt and mud, and stretched our legs whilst taking in the stunning view. I then got down on one knee and popped the question in style!

Ben and Tilly

Was Tilly surprised? How did she react and what did she think of the ring!?

I think Tilly knew that something unusual was going on. I had to come up with a few excuses for why I had to visit Truro on my own on more than one occasion and I am a hopeless liar haha.

Most importantly though, she loved the ring!! It sparkled perfectly in the sun and she loved the twist design in the crown. She said that I chose well! I was delighted!

Tilly's engagement Ring

Have you started thinking about the wedding/ What are you planning!?

We've made good progress with wedding planning so far. We want something small and low-key. We're going for a traditional church wedding in Launceston before heading to Tregulland Cottage and Barn for a 2-night weekend stay with family and close friends.

As for wedding rings, Tilly shares the same opinion as me when it comes to ethically sourcing what we purchase. She was delighted that I had thought so hard about the engagement ring and was keen to visit Ethica herself for the next step.

We visited Ethica together in October 2022 and have picked out some really nice options from 80% recycled Platinum. Tilly's preferred option at the moment also contains lab-grown diamonds.

Roll on 2023 when we'll become Mr and Mrs!

We want to say a huge congratulations to Ben and Tilly, we are so happy we could be a part of such a magical moment for the two of you and we can't wait to see the photo's of the wedding next year!

With Love,

Team Ethica x

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