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It’s an interesting question. How can you tell which businesses are trustworthy?

You could ask them, but of course, even the least experienced shady dealer will tell you he’s totally above board.

You could ask their friends, but most people will vouch for their close contacts.

You could look for reviews, but there has been news recently around fake Amazon reviews, and it’s hard to know whether reviews are genuine – UNLESS…

Unless those reviews are on FEEFO.

Feefo 2019

FEEFO is a tamper-proof review system, where verified customers of businesses place reviews which are independent, and cannot be altered by the business in question. This means that you know the reviews are the unvarnished truth, delivered by genuine customers.

Ethica Diamonds has been a member of FEEFO for several years, because we know that our customers need to be sure that we can be trusted.  We cannot change what is written, or delete it, or select who receives the invitations to place a review on the site (They go to everyone who purchases from us).

And here’s the thing, Ethica Diamonds’ reviews on FEEFO are great, glowing, even, and we’re very proud of them. You can check them out on the Feefo site here

Based on 102 reviews in the last year, we have a 4.8 out of 5 rating for customer experience, and, from 106 ratings on product, we scored 5/5. As you may know, we have recently rebranded from KinetIQue, so many of the reviews mention KinetIQue, but the company is the same, as are the people involved.

FEEFO offers a Gold Award to businesses which have an outstanding record on customer service, and Ethica Diamonds is delighted to have received a Gold Award for 2019, as we did in 2018 and 2017. This means that you, our customers, can be assured that our service is the highest quality, and our products are exactly as we describe them. We are proud to say that we have now gone on to win the Feefo Platinum trusted award for 2021.

Ethica Diamonds’ business is built on ethics – the Ethica Diamond was created to be an ethical and environmentally sound alternative to the mined diamond, with its questionable record in both of these areas. Because we feel that ethics is an all-or-nothing stance, our ethical integrity extends to our customer service, our pricing, our packaging, and everything else as well.

Here’s another thing – when you go to a high-street or online jeweller, for a big purchase like an engagement ring, do you know the reputation of the jeweller you’re working with? Can they show you independent reviews of their service, and their products?  Can they give you an exact reckoning on where the diamond they are selling you has come from? Will they give you a fair price based on the cost of the diamond, or an inflated price based on the structure laid out by the shadowy organisations that run the mined diamond industry?

When you are shopping around for a jeweller for your big purchase, make sure to ask these questions, as well as ‘can they give us the ring we want?’ If you have any doubts, keep asking questions, and if they can’t answer them to your satisfaction, walk away.

We are happy to answer any questions you have, about the Ethica Diamond, our jewellery, our processes and our ethical stance, and you won’t get fudged answers, or smoke-and-mirrors. You can trust us, like you can trust our reviews.  We’ll guarantee it.

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