Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings

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Lab Diamond Engagement Rings That Radiate Beauty


Our vintage style engagement rings range from the bold and beautiful to simple, chic, and dainty. Vintage inspired engagement rings possess both glamour and beauty that is timeless and often emote feelings of love and make a cherished gift for any occasion.

Find that perfect piece that’s guaranteed to give that special someone that warm, fuzzy feeling each time it catches their eye. Vintage inspired cuts that are glamorous, radiant, and captivating. Our rings are kind, not mined.


Our vintage style engagement rings draw inspiration from art deco cuts and natural shapes that are chic and exquisite. Perfect for those who with a timeless, classic style. These pieces are the embodiment of an old soul, romantic and reminiscent.  Ethically made jewellery that’s swoon-worthy.

Our modern silver and gold rings are made with 100% recycled and fully accredited precious materials. Our Diamonds are sourced from growers who use renewable energy and work to offset their carbon emissions.  Rest assured, we take care of the details, so you can focus on popping that all-important question.

Fallen in love with a modern engagement ring but want to upcycle a stone you already own? We can create your own bespoke piece of jewellery that your future fiancé will treasure.