1.75ct | Nouveau | Emerald Shoulder Set Engagement Ring


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Splendour and elegance come together in this alluring Nouveau ring, with luxurious, hand-finished grain, lab-grown diamond accented shoulders which taper, arching towards the 1.5ct* emerald cut diamond. Featuring the classic court profile and daylight shoulders, the shank is wedding ring friendly and unites in harmony with the Nouveau Wedding Band.

The shoulder melée are laboratory grown diamonds E/F colour VS1 clarity and add an additional 0.23ct to the central lab diamond.

Shank width is 2.4mm and shank depth is 1.8mm.

Emerald Cut diamonds are a brilliant choice if you want the biggest looking diamond ring for your budget, since they are one of the more shallow cuts. This means that they have a greater surface area for the same carat weight when compared to other shapes such as Round Brilliant, for example.

The Emerald cut diamond has an elongated rectangular shape with straight, linear facets abundant with flashes of white and coloured light, creating a “hall of mirrors” effect.  “Hall of mirrors” creates exceptional clarity, making the clarity grade one of the most important factors of the 4 C’s to consider when choosing an Emerald Cut lab diamond.

This stunning Nouveau engagement ring is set with a scintillating 1.5ct* lab diamond with a grade of VVS and F for an exceptional clarity and colourless diamond.

*We will expertly select a 1.48-1.52ct emerald cut lab diamond with an F colour, VVS clarity and excellent cut, so you can rest assured that the diamond is nothing less than exceptional.

When we select a lab diamond, the specifications of the diamond such as ratio, colour, cut and clarity are carefully considered, prioritising the budget in areas that will emphasise the beauty of the stone, resulting in a diamond that is truly outstanding. They will always be Type 2A, too – the purest diamonds available with no traces of nitrogen or boron impurities and the highest thermal conductivity.