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Picture this: the dark winter days are over, colourful flowers can be seen everywhere, and people seem to have a ‘spring’ in their step (had to be done!).

Spring is the time for new life, new hope and new excitement which makes it one of the perfect times to get down on one knee. 

Some people have a clear idea of how they would like to propose, planned down to the very last detail, whilst others may need a bit of help. You’ve spent months looking into and choosing the perfect engagement ring, you now just need to create the perfect proposal – how hard can it be? As hard as you make it, which is why we have put together this useful blog with some Spring proposal ideas.

Take them to a field of flowers (just make sure they don’t suffer from hayfever!). Flowers make the most beautiful, and romantic, backdrops for any romantic occasion, but particularly a proposal. Have they got a favourite flower? Perhaps Bluebells or Daffodils? Is there somewhere nearby that has flowers growing in their field? Make sure you get their permission to use it but it can be a very simple, inexpensive and beautiful location to pop the question.


Have you got a favourite location you both love going to as a couple? Maybe a place you go as a family or with the dog? This would be a good way of making sure they don’t suspect anything as you go there a lot anyway! It could be a park or a viewpoint looking over the coast. Here in Cornwall, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to the most gorgeous views. My (now) fiancé proposed to me at our favourite location in Cornwall whilst on a dog walk. It was super simple but perfect all at the same time.

Spring Proposal Ideas 2022 | Blog | Ethica Diamonds CornwallSpring = Easter = Chocolate! Create an Easter egg hunt that they have to follow which then leads them to you down on one knee. Maybe you could put little hint cards with each Easter egg or write a special memory down that you both shared on each card. You could go as big or as small with this as you wish! It would make a great story for years to come.

Spring Proposal Ideas 2022 | Blog | Ethica Diamonds CornwallMake a LoveBook! These are the cutest books ever that tell the story of your relationship. You can personalise the LoveMoji character to look like you and your partner. On the last page, you could pop the question – it’s a super personal way of asking them to marry you and one that they can physically treasure forever!

Spring Proposal Ideas 2022 | Blog | Ethica Diamonds CornwallGo for a picnic or BBQ! As we go further into Spring, the temperature continues to warm and the days get just that bit longer which makes for the perfect evening proposal. Imagine being on a beach or in some woodland (maybe a picnic for a woodland would be safer!). You could get a friend to help set-up the location with fairy lights, blankets and photos before you and your partner arrive. If you want to go even further, you could outsource a decoration company to do the set-up for you. Try Dine with Iris or Every Last Detail.

Whatever you do, just remember that a proposal is special enough without all the extras. Sometimes the most special proposals are the ones done on a whim, when the moment is just right. As long as it is relevant to you both you can’t really go wrong!

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