Dhruv & Seetul's Halong Bay Proposal

Dhruv & Seetul's Halong Bay Proposal

Dhruv and Seetul's story begins many years ago at a bustling University, back when they were mere acquaintances. It wasn't until years later, whilst both studying a Masters degree in Architecture that they found themselves crossing paths again. Through mutual friends, group meet ups and vegetarian pizza it was clear Dhruv and Seetul had found something special. Fast forward to October of last year, when Dhruv and Seetul embarked on a very memorable holiday to Vietnam...

Amidst the breathtaking scenery and the warmth of the Vietnamese sun, Dhruv got down on one knee and asked Seetul to be his partner for life. Their engagement in Vietnam marks the beginning of a new chapter in their love story, solidifying their bond and setting the stage for the beautiful moments that lie ahead. Join us as we delve deeper into the enchanting journey of Dhruv and Seetul, a couple whose love story teaches us that sometimes, the best things in life are worth waiting for.

We caught up with Dhruv to get all the details on how he and Seetul met, their story so far and their recent engagement!

How did you both meet?

‌We met during our Masters in London where we were both studying Architecture. We were at different universities but had a mutual friend that knew us well separately and so we would often meet together as a group. We had briefly met many years before this when we studied at the same University for our Undergraduate! At the time we had seen each other around but we only connected years later.


‌Have you been together long? Tell us your story!

‌We have been together since October 2016, so coming up to 7 years now. We would often go to the pub at Baker Street to meet with our mutual friend and began hanging out more often as time went on. A few months passed by and we went to Dublin for this friend's 24th birthday. We were out in Temple Bar one of the nights where we really hit it off. The ‘she’s-the-one’ moment was when we went for pizza as a group and found we were both vegetarian and could share a pizza together! We decided to meet again when we got back to London and the rest is history! We spent a lot of time together exploring London as well as studying together for our final qualifications. As well as sharing design as a common interest, since completing our course, we’ve also traveled to various places across the UK and the world and found this to be something we mutually enjoy.

Dhruv-Seetul Illustration by Sophie

When did you know you wanted to get married?

‌I knew from that pizza moment in Dublin - no-no, I joke! I have always wanted to have a future with someone who was creative, wanted to explore different places and matched my energy. I had these moments with Seetul. They added up over the years and along the way I became more and more certain that she was the person I had imagined to be with.

What made you choose Ethica Diamonds and how did you find us?

‌We share a belief that we should be as kind and as caring as possible towards those around us, people and animals more-so, generally aiming to opt for less nastiness in our day to day lives. So once I had looked into diamonds and their history of production; I became wary that this really didn’t align with our values. I then started the search for a lab-grown diamond where the gold also was from a recycled source. Seetul runs a small illustration business, and in support of this, I specifically also wanted to go with a small independent jewellers. I came across Ethica Diamonds during this search and matched everything I was looking for.

The Cinta Ring

What made you choose the Cinta Ring and how did you find buying the process?

‌The choice of the ring was relatively easy as I had in my mind what I thought Seetul would like. Cinta was a good fit though I found that the ring configuration, in the design options I’d thought of, hadn’t been made before. Claire and Olivia both took me through the process along the way, sharing updates and photos along the way. From initial thoughts to receiving the ring, I found it really quite effortless with Ethica.

‌How did you plan the proposal and how did it go!? Was she surprised and did she love the ring!?

‌Last October, for Seetul’s 30th birthday, one of her presents was a trip to Vietnam (we had said we’d wanted to go for a while). Our travels were in May this year and nearing the end of our trip we took a boat ride out for a few days into Ha Long Bay which is this wonderful UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, where 2000 or so stone islands jut out of the emerald green ocean with various wildlife, and caves and fishing villages to explore!

Dhruv-Seetul Vietnam

In fact, a couple of years ago I had visited the same spot with friends and had said this would be a great proposal spot - so here we were. It was lovely and sunny out when we arrived, settled in, had a cooking class on the upper deck and watched the sunset into the distance - bliss. Afterwards we went down to freshen up before dinner. We stood at the balcony of the room overlooking the ocean. We had this thing going throughout the trip where we would share something new we had learnt about each other. So we did that here too and I let her go first. After which, it was my go, I said my part, and went down on one knee! A bit of shock, surprise and sitting down to take it all in later. She had no idea and yes, she loved the ring!


‌Have you started planning the wedding?

‌Not yet! We are talking about what kind of wedding we might want as a starting point but we are both really excited to start the process. Seetul has already decided what wedding band she wants from Ethica, we know that much!


We are thrilled to have been a part of this special moment in Dhruv and Seetul's lives. It was an honor to provide them with the perfect engagement ring from Ethica Diamonds, knowing that it symbolises the beginning of a lifetime of love and happiness. We wish them both a future filled with endless joy, cherished memories, and a love that continues to grow with each passing day. Congratulations once again, roll on the wedding!

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